5 Tips Towards Happiness

NLP HappySome people have a goal to be happy. But is this really a good goal to have?

After all Happiness is an emotion, it’s a state of being. Some would say happiness is also a choice that you choose to make. What makes each of us happy is uniquely different to each and everyone….that’s no big surprise to you I’m sure. What surprises me is ….

Why do some people put happiness out into your future as a goal "to be happy" – when there is the possibility of living in a state of happiness today?


That’s all well and good I hear some people screaming at your computer screens but - How do I create more happiness in my life today?

1. Make a commitment to yourself. I believe all change starts with a conscious choice and self-commitment to make change happen.  You don't have to know the how just yet, but take the first step of setting your intention.

2. Think about it ! Discover – What makes you feel happy? What makes you feel the most like you? What brings more meaning and a feeling of purpose in your life? Clients have so many different responses to this question from aerobics, cooking, dancing to writing and Zen meditation. We often forget to make the time to really think about these questions around our personal happiness and yet this is something we could do everyday. You could start today whilst sitting on the bus/train/ferry or even stuck in traffic on the way to work or home…What a perfect time to contemplate on what makes you happy.

3. Make a list ! The process of writing down your ideas helps to clarify what makes you happy, it also helps you to create those goals. Instead of having a goal of happiness – create goals which include the very activities or things that assist you in being happy.In Neuro Linguistic Programming we often explain the importance of focusing on what you want.

4. Now Do it ! Now that you have a comprehensive list of activities and things which make you happy it’s now just a matter of making the choice to bring some of these things into your day. Start small… start with the simple things which you can do easily. Experiment and see what works best for you.

5. Do more of what works best for you. We all know that life is beautiful all of the time - we all experience lifes up’s and downs, that’s inevitable – that’s life. The important thing is being able to recognise and accept how you are feeling and be aware of how you are choosing to dealing with life’s twists and turns. If it’s not working for you – make the commitment to create change.

Too simple to be true?

Why not get curious and try it out for 7 days – make it your mission to do at least one or more activities that gives you the feeling of happiness and gives you the feeling of having more meaning in your life. What have you got to lose?

Happiness in my opinion should not be a goal – don’t put your own happiness out into your future. Take the opportunity to feel happy today whilst you’re moving towards your goals. Happiness is a choice to do those things which make you feel happy.  What are your thoughts? I'd be happy to hear your comments and suggestions.

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