NLP Presuppositions - Do you really mean what you say?

This is not about women not being able to read maps... this is something that is key to all NLP & Hypnosis Practitioners and how they know what your thinking. Gaining a better understanding of Your map, which is unique to your life and your history. Are we mind readers?

One of the NLP Presuppositions states that “The Map is Not the Territory” what does this really mean? 

What are Maps?

In the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming “Maps” is simply the term we use for an individual’s perception of reality.  You know that we all "see" the world differently. Maps are our internal representation of our external world. Alfred Korbitzky said this famous phrase "the map is not the territory" he argued that our experience of the world can be limited by our perceptions - and the language we choose is a major contributor of how we live our life.   I believe that your life can be more meaningful when you have the flexibility to see things differently.

Our Maps - are our individual perception of the world (our internal representation).

The territory - is the external world.... reality.

How are Maps Created?

Every thought you think generates an electronic pulse and pathway in your mind.  These form neurological connections, and this mapping of a thought is unique to just you.  The more focus and energy you place on an experience the stronger your neurological map becomes.

These maps can grow into beliefs about yourself or a situation. However these maps are not necessarily reality, they are may not be “true”.   They are an indication of your perception of a reality - an event or belief about yourself. 


It can be interesting to be more aware of your thoughts and ask the question - is this way of thinking helpful for me?  Does it fit in with how I want to live my life?  How I would like to be seen by others?  is it what I want?


Remember -
Maps are created by what you pay attention to over time.  The more energy and attention you give a certain thought- the stronger it becomes... which is awesome if it works for you.... and not so good if it turns into the incredible hulk.

Why are maps so important?

For an NLP practitioner who is working with you to change a specific behaviour or habits, discovering the way in which you think and perceive the world is important for change.  Everyone holds a different map or perception of the world.  Gaining a greater understanding of your thought process, allows us to transform what's not working.  We do this through a number of different techniques and I'm sure you'll agree that just becoming more conscious of it - can solve half the problem.


Meta Thinking is “thinking about thinking”

Most people are unconscious about what they are thinking; that is we tend to be engaged in our thoughts, running with them without being very conscious about it.  Imagine if you were to step back off the dance floor and watch, observing them dancing by,  being a witness to what your thinking.   Sometimes by getting some distance from your thoughts you can see them for what they really are, you can gain a new perspective and come up with alternative options or ideas if they are not the way you want them to be.

What you are thinking about now I wonder...


What are the other presuppositions of Neuro Linguistic Programming?

and Who is Deborah Edwards anyway?

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