Intimate Relationship - what's the secret? Part 1

Is there a secret to creating a strong relationship?

and if there was.... would you listen?

Have you ever wondered, What make a relationship work?   There are so many theories and ideas about how to create a loving and strong relationship, I'm sure you have your own opinions and persectives about what it takes to be a happy couple. 

Over the next blogs I’ll be exploring with you just some of the theories from experts in the field as well as thought provoking ideas, exercises and questions which may getting you thinking in different ways, perhaps you could start up a conversation with your partner? I would encourage you to explore the possibilities of what you can achieve together and I'm sure you'll agree communication is key.

I welcome your feedback and thoughts I believe there is no absolutes in this world, there are ways which work and ways which don't work for you...  Let's get curious and get started.

1. Who comes first in your relationship? Do you look after your own needs first or do you prioritise the needs of your relationship?

Your Relationship FirstThe Relationship Comes First

Whilst we all have our own independent needs and desires, in a committed relationship I wonder if you would agree with Stan Tatkin who says that the importance of prioritising your relationships needs over any one person’s individual needs is essential.  A couple’s independence can be ineffective especially in situations where the partner is seeking the feeling of being important and protected by each other. Stan Tatkin describes the “couple bubble” is a mutually constructed membrane which embraces the intimacy and closeness of the couple, it holds and creates a protective space which is safe and solid for each other from any outside elements.

When working with couples using the tools of Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP), creating a realtionship that works for both people requires exploring each persons ideas and understanding about what is important in the relationship and then ensuring there is a clear agreement between the couple.  Discovering your NLP values can have a profound impact on your relationship.

How do you create a safe space and embrace the intimacy of your relationship?

Do you put your relationships needs first or your own needs and desires?

Some food for thought… I would like to hear your feedback - You can do this either on facebook "Like"our Octavian Facebook page or send your comments to me directly here

Deborah's next blog Security within a relationship - do you have it?

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