Clinical Supervision Contract

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The below is an example of what you may find in your supervision agreement. An updated version will be sent to you prior to attending any supervision session and you will have the opportunity to ammend and discuss this in full with Deborah

To ensure that you get the most value from either group or individual supervision sessions, this document has been put together as an outline of the operational agreements for group and individual supervision. we ask all supervisee's to full read though sign and adhere to the best of their ability.


o To monitor and promote welfare of clients seen by supervisee;

o To promote development of supervisee’s professional identity and competence;

o To fulfil requirements as per professional membership associations criteria;




• To examine diagnoses, interventions, and treatment plans made by supervisee;

• To challenge supervisee to validate approaches and techniques used;

• To monitor basic micro-skills;

• To present and model appropriate behaviours and directives;

• To intervene where client welfare is at stake;

• To ensure ethical guidelines and professional standards are maintained; and

• To obtain appropriate consultation when necessary.


• To uphold ethical guidelines and professional standards;

• To be prepared to discuss client cases with the aid of written case notes and / or video / audio tapes;

• To validate diagnoses, interventions, approaches and techniques used;

• To be open to change and use alternate methods of practice if required;

• To consult supervisor or designated contact person in cases of emergency;

• Implement supervisor directives in subsequent sessions; and

• Maintain a commitment to on-going counsellor education and the counselling profession.


Individual and Group Supervision are conducted. Sessions maybe conducted face to face; phone or via video internet (eg. skype, google hangouts)

For Group Supervision

The group comprises a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 members. Prior to your introduction into the group a brief phone interview and face to face induction will occur to ensure the best fit.

In order to maintain integrity and consistency within the group we require a commitment to attend a minimumn of 3 - 6 months. Attending once a month for 2 hour session.

For Individual Supervision

Individual supervision are either monthly or on a need be basis. Each session is a minimum of 1 hour and can be conducted by: face to face;skype or phone.


CONFIDENTIALITY What happens during every supervision session must remain confidential. when discussing your clients be careful not to advise of any characteristics or information which may disclose your clients' identity. Please refer to the document Presenting Clients in Supervision.

BE ON TIME: please make a conscious effort to be on time for all sessions. Be aware that lateness may result in your being asked to leave the group.

BE CONSCIOUS: Be here because you want to be here - uptime, listening, holding right intention, participating in the group and showing respect to each member at all times.


Your intention focused in the right place is stronger than simply having attention.

ACT PROFESSIONALLY: have integrity to take care of your physical body, emotional body and mental body.  Have good energetic integrity and business integrity. Be sure that your business follows the Health Care Act as specified by the NSW government.  Ensure that your First Aid Certification and Insurance is kept upto date as well as all the professional requirements set out by the boards of which you belong.

Procedural considerations:

a. Supervisee’s written cases notes (plus diagnoses and treatment plans) and audio / video tapes may be reviewed in each session;

b. Issues relating to supervisee’s professional development will be discussed;

c. Sessions will be used to discuss issues of conflict and failure of either party to abide by the guidelines outlined in this contract. If concerns of either party are not resolved in supervision, Maya Lak from the Australian Hypnotherapy Association will be consulted;

d. In event of an emergency, supervisee to contact supervisor.

• CLEAN BOUNDARIES maintain only appropriate contact between clients and yourself inside and outside of the therapy room. Do not entertain personal relationships with the clients. As per the codes of ethics, it is recommended that no personal relationships are made for at least 2 years after completing any therapy work together.

PROVIDING FEEDBACK: “There is no failure only feedback” We expect that we all have the sensory acuity to look outside yourself & have the flexibility to change your behaviour and way of thinking if necessary. Feedback is to be provided with respect to all present.

LEARNING CONTRACT: In order to gain the most benefit from your supervision session you will have the opportunity to set yourself a learning contract which best suits your own interests and ongoing personal development.

RESONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY: Treat everyone as a Professional and as an Adult. There will be no chasing after you to make sure things get done. As a Professional and as an Adult, we take it for granted that you will follow through with your agreements &/or communicate if you need help or if you need to re-make any agreements.


Both Group and Individual supervision sessions are available at:
BONDI, New South Wales or via phone and video internet platforms.


Individual Supervision: 1 hour session $120 / 1.5 hours $175
Group Supervision (3 – 5 members): 2 hour session cost: $50 per person per session.

Cancellation Fees: Less than 4 days notice incurs $50 fee
Late Payment Fee: Full payment not recieved before or on the day incurs an additional $5 fee.


Dates & Times

Session #1 ______________________________

Session #2 ______________________________

Session #3 ______________________________

Session #4 ______________________________

Session #5 ______________________________

Session #6 ______________________________

This agreement is subject to revision at any time, upon the request of either the supervisee or the supervisor. A formal review will be conducted every six sessions and revisions to the contract will be made only with consent of the supervisee and approval of supervisor.

I agree, to the best of my ability, to uphold the guidelines specified in this supervision agreement and to manage the supervisory relationship and supervisory process according to the ethical principles outlined by the associations to whom I belong.

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