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The Focus this week is on LanguageMetaModel Dice

Review the Meta Model

The Meta Model enables you to think and communicate with a precision and clarity above and beyond whats normally common.

So what's the Right Question....

NLP Coaching & the Meta Model

The Meta Model is a fantastic coaching tool, when used correctly it can be extremely empowering and a respectful way of working with your clients. The Meta Model is a very effective tool because instead of trying to give answers the 'coach' uses questions to literally coach the other person in finding their own answers.

And instead of an uncomfortable, blame-oriented, and integrating session the person being coached experiences a sense of empowerment - because they've discovered their own answers and created the right action and best ideas.


How to Develop your Skills

You can develop skill with the Meta Model through reading, listening and practising consciously. Here are some ideas to enhance and improve your skills using the Meta Model:

1. Read up on the Meta model : The Structure of Magic Volume I by Bandler and Grindler or Change Management Excellence, putting NLP to work in the 21st Century by Martin Roberts.

2. Photocopy and/or create your own Metamodel poster and put it in your car, in your bag, on your mirror - look at it daily to help you remember the different catogories. (read it through on the bus, waiting for a train, sitting in traffic)

3. Take one category at a time and practise it eg. Consciously structure your language so you Use each of the different patterns - Mind Reads.. "I know this is something that you want to master, you realise now that you can even write or type out a couple of mind reads every day, because what you want is to be more skilled and have real flexibility in language."

4. Listen OUT for One category (eg. Distortions), just focus on the first couple of minutes of a conversation - otherwise you may find that you are unlikely to take a very active role on
the conversation. Listen to radio talk back or TV. Consider the appropriate response.

5. Be flexible with your language patterns and be sure to know all categories of the metamodel well, so you can use them with ease. Focus on one catogory for 1 week, then move to another catagory the following week.

6. Remember The Meta Model 'challenges' or coaching questions need to be used carefully. (Don't be a Meta Monster !)Use the metamodel challenges or questions when you know you have very good rapport with your client and can calibrate effectively using your sensory acuity skills.

7. It is often a good idea to preframe in advance, let them know that you will be asking them “a number helpful coaching questions, these questions are designed to help clarify and for you to become aware of how certain thinking patterns may be stopping or preventing you from achieving your outcomes”

While the Meta Model probably isn't as sexy or as dramatic as other techniques in NLP like anchoring, parts integration, swish or eye patterns. You will find that it is likely to be a skill that you will use most consistently, infact you'll find that you'll use it in every single conversation you have.

Remember the Presuppositions of NLP - RESPECT UR WORLD

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