NLP Practise Group

19 Apr 2015 - 1:00pm

Tap Into Your Resources and Master What You Know NLP Focus

  • You have completed a Neuro Linguistic Programming course and since the training you have nothing or very little.
  • Perhaps you have seen the opportunity to practise but was  uncomfortable with your level of skill how others might see you?
  • Are you using it in one area of your life but want to extend and expand on it so you can do more?
  • Do you feel like you are lacking the confidence to explain some of the tools or techniques you know and would welcome the chance to discuss what works best?
  • Are you curious to see what else is possible and explore new ideas or be shown other ways of working?

Whatever your level of training and skill these focus groups are aimed at bringing out the best in you and encourage you to bring out the best in others.

Why come to our Focus Group?

Get Motivated

STOP all the reasons, STOP all the excuses as to why you can’t participate in a focus group and come along anyway. Take a chance You might find that there are others in the group who feel exactly the same way as you do and are confused or unsure about how to use what you’ve learnt. Being involved in a focus group will definitely be a positive step in gaining more knowledge and a greater understanding. It might only be a 2 hour workshop– but it could be the KICKSTART you've been looking for.

Increase Your Confidence

before practising any specific event, we will take the time to discuss: the Key Ingredients – what makes this technique work, How can you increase your results and be more effective. Imagine what would happen if you were to Build Your Confidence how more effectively could you be with clients and in your business

Supportive Environment

We have the approach that you are family and do our best to create a friendly, safe and confidential place where you can feel comfortable in exploring. Our practise groups are limited to small numbers, allowing you the opportunity to ask questions to a qualified trainer. Our aim is to bring out the best in you, and in turn for you to bring out the best in others. It feels good to be an active member of your NLP community

Network for your Business

Being part of a strong and supportive NLP Community doesn’t takes much effort and these focus group are just one way you can build on your connections and networks. You might be pleasantly surprised as to the benefits you can get from just being there and being part of the group.

Welcome New Schools of Thought

Many people have learnt NLP from different schools of thought. We enourage you to share and be open to expanding on what you know. Adding value with constructive feedback and New Resources or Techniques from fellow practitioners and trainer(s). You’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences; ask those tricky questions; network with others, laugh and realign yourself with NLP. You can learn so many more Practical Applications when you are opened to new ways of thinking

Be Inspired and Inspire others

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do." Goethe

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