Your NLP Practitioner Certificate Training

18 Jun 2013 - 10:00am
24 Jun 2013 - 6:00pm

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become." ~ The Buddha

I'm sure you would agree that Communication is key to all relationships It is essential for successful Business; as it is with your Partner, Family and friends as well as your own self-talk. How you communicate (words, body language, self beliefs) can make a profound difference in your results.


This Practitioner training is intensely focused on the most important knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming. You will learn how to put the foundations of it's theories and the NLP tools into practical applications for you to use. Not only will you learn how to STOP your own negative thinking and destructive patterns of behaviour - you will gain the qualifications and hands on experience to assist others in doing the very same.


Practical NLPThere are no Pre-requisites for this training. As soon as you've made the decision to do it, we want you to begin using NLP prior to your certification training.  We will send you the full program in a set of comprehensive audio CD's along with the scripts and resource manual.  The learning is in the doing, start putting the foundations of NLP knowledge into your day immediately.  Once you've committed to the certificate training, you will also be involved in our personal coaching program even before the training course starts.  If you're looking for more than just a certification and would like to participate in a personal, professional and valuable experience then call our office today, talk to your trainer directly and find out how you can do NLP right now (02) 9389 7687.



NLP Australia

Your NLP Practitioner Certification is recognised by the relevant associations in Australia and will give you the support, tools, processes and knowledge you need to set up your practise.


Discover that learning NLP is not just about how your mind works but new ways in which you can change your own thinking, behaviours and more importantly - Your results.


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During this 7 day training you'll also be introduced to the techniques of Time Line Therapyand Hypnosis.



In Your NLP Practitioner Training we will also introduce you to The Art and Science of Hypnosis. Perfect if you are looking to become a therapist in this field, you have the option to continue your training and become a Hypnotherapist, starting with a 2 day practical workshop. During this first 2 day workshop, you will learn the essential keys for working as a professional and effective hypnotherapist, building on the knowledge you have already acquired in your NLP training. You will learn how to assisting your clients with a number of ailments such as: self-confidence; Effective public speaking; enhancing sports performance and accelerate their own self-healing abilities for physical ailments.

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Our NLP Practitioner Certificate will also introduce you to the techniques of Time Line Therapy™ We will demonstrate how this powerful technique is an important resource for you when working with people who are looking to: to let go of past memories, inhibitions, beliefs and negative emotions, easily and quickly.
This course is A must for do for parents, teachers, life coaches and therapists alike. Read more about Time Line Therapy™ and the practitioner certificates available.


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