The power in your words

WOW!  The Stories we tell ourselves…is it any wonder that we feel the way we do.

One of the founding ideas of Neuro Linguisitic Programing (NLP) is listening to the words people use to describe their challenges and strengths.

“The words you use do not describe the world you live in, they determine the world you live in”

We all hold certain stories for ourselves – I wonder how they my be effecting and impacting on your life today…. like.. Right now. (what are you saying to yourself about your day).

Do you tend to focus on the positive or what you want in life? or

Do you tend to find loads of really good excuses, reasons and blame why things aren’t working for you and tend to focus on all the negative aspects of your life?

Do you want to change your story?

Could it be as easy as changing the words you use?

I challenge you to spend today to notice what sort of language you do you use… And then if you’re ready and serious about changing something in your life – why not start with changing your choice of vocabulary and expression you use today? See what makes the biggest difference in how you feel and how other people react to you. Do something different with your words today - Get curious and experiment change how you would normally converse with yourself and others.

For example – instead of saying to yourself – “I hope I don’t have another horrible day today”. Ask yourself – what do you want instead? Then switch it and change your self-talk, for example you could say instead “I can deal with any challenges that come my way today. I’ll be calm, relaxed and positive in my response to peoples request.”

Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) is much more than just the language you use.

And we both know that the emotions and the past are probably impacting on how you react and respond in life. There are many different ways and resources available to you - when you’re ready to explore and change and I’d be happy to blog and talk about in future blogs.

You know, it’s not only NLP Practitioners who believe that there is power in the words you choose.

Most people believe that by changing the words you use – you can change the results (and the quality of your life).

You may have seen this utube – but it’s short, sweet and a powerful reminder of how your words can have an impact on your results.

The change is in you.

Deborah Edwards

Creating your infinite possibilities.

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