International NLP Certification Training

  • NLP Practitioner Certificate
  • Time Line Therapy Practitioner Certificate
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate
  • Master Practitioner Certificate (NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis)

What did our students say about our trainings....

"NLP is totally awesome both for yourself, loved ones and those who see clients A MUST for numerous reasons... Time Line Therapy™.. anyone who may have areas of improvement should do this whole course... Hypnosis - WOW !! A must must must. The cost is re-payed after the first 3 days!"
David Boa
Personal Life Coach
Brisbane, Australia

"NLP is a must, Time Line Therapy
is a must, Hypnosis is open to individual interpretation".
Magdaleine Jimenez
Wizard Home Loans
Sydney, Australia

"A fantastic course, informative and fun. NLP is how the use of language influences our unconscious mind. Its an opportunity to understand the reason behind the results we get in life and how we can greatly improve them by using these techniques. Time Line Therapy™ is an opportunity to explore the root causes for not achieving what we are capable of achieving. Gain better understanding in regards to life structure and future goal setting. The benefits of hypnosis in healing minor ailments and in relaxing the mind and body fantastic."
Donna Boa
Life Coach
Brisbane, Australia

"What can I say? Deborah is a fantastic facilitator in not only one-on-one hypnotherapy but also in teaching it. Talk about taking hypnotherapy to a different level.
I always thought you had to be Freud or Jung with a University Degree. Wrong! I am now a Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy and it's all thanks to Deborah Edwards and team.
Trust is the keyword and Deborah just has this amazing aura of making you feel safe and secure. Let Deborah and team help you find the 'excellent' you within you!
Deborah Martin
Sydney, Australia

“This has been a fantastic week and I feel it has really given me the tools to confidently change my life to the way I want it. It has introduced me to new dimensions of myself that I didn’t know were there before and has given me a depth of control over my life that I didn’t know I had.
Thanks Debbie for giving 100% every moment of the course. It was noticed and appreciated. You kept us on track expertly and your guidance has helped us to learn what we needed to efficiently, easily and effortlessly …!!”
Vanessa Forbes
Sydney, Australia

"For communication excellence and the science and art of achievement, this is the training to attend!"
- Loke Kok Wah
Trainer with Southern Bank
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"All the exercises were relevant, it was a fun way to learn and effective…It was a wonderful feeling, was in euphoria state. Still now…infinity! Yes, I’ve transformed, looking forward to transform more and more… Everything was organized, superb!"
Tash Singh
Associate-Sales & Dealing CIMB Futures
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"An Excellent workshop which can bring you... to your desired level of success!
Lai Meng Fong
Assistant Manager with Great Vision Associates
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"For people who have 'barang-barang' (Malaysian for “stuff”) and wish to let it go...Learn the change within to help yourself and others!"
Cheang Wai Keong
Project Manager with Umanista
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Excellent! Anyone who wants success, let go of negative emotions or improve their life results should really go for it, highly recommended!"
Wong Chee Soo
Senior Negotiator with Oriental Realty
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Time Line Therapy™, all the techniques are so powerful… NLP how our mind works and how powerful is language… Hypnotherapy is so simple with TRUST… I can see everyone as a magnificent being, I am in control of myself and I am ready to change anytime, NOW! It’s can’t miss workshop for a successful life!"
Wong Keng Ling
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I realized my old habits need a change in my life and to use a different method to live my life… I have decided to trust my unconscious mind to work further more on this and create the result I desire… My favorite part of the workshop is Time Line Therapy™… Just Experience it!"
Woo Chee Yin
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"The theory taught is more than my expectation… I feel the most valuable is the practical during which I get to practice what was taught… I have a totally changed thinking on how human brain functions and on human behavior… Hypnotherapy, its fun to experience it myself and able to do it on others… It is a very good workshop if you want to improve yourself in everyway…
Dr Ng Kuan Chew (M.D.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I feel all areas are valuable, it’s all about helping others & self…It’s all about yourself & how much you care…
Chung Sau Cheong
(LSS, Singapore Airline)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I am more confident, more relaxed… I went into a deep trance and it is really amazing… It is a wonderful course to attend to improve on our outlook of life, to get rid of negative emotion, to have a clearer view of what we want to move ahead…"
Mdm Lum Choi Kheng
(House wife)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"What’s most valuable to me is NLP-rapport. It helps me to realise ways to improve “communication” with not only my clients in my business but also in other areas of my life…NLP and Hypnoss, they open my eyes on what we can do with mere WORDS… It rocks and it’s great!..."
Ng Bee Hoong
(Negotiator – Reapfield Realty)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"The most valuable was Oracodes Zen Health™, learning how to give inner peace to my unconscious mind… I am transformed when I let go of negative emotions (Time Line Therapy™) with conscious and unconscious mind working as one…Parts integration…This workshop really makes me think deeply of what I want in my life & pursue it with CLARITY! Learning how to love my body, mind & soul
Ivy Yee
(GROUP Sales Manager - Great Vision Associates S/B)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I am transformed in this workshop, these NEGATIVE issues I used to have in my mind were GONE! I would recommend everyone this, If you want to know what you really want in your life, and to live happily, come to this training
Chung Sow Fun
(House wife, lives in United States)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Time Line Therapy™ is most valuable to me because I can remove a lot of unhealthy experiences… Hypnosis helps me to relax my unconscious mind… I am transformed in my way of thinking, able to eliminate a lot of old baggage… Practical time allows me to learn a lot through this method, because I cannot learn the theory way… This workshop can help us remove a lot of old experiences which can be an obstacles to our future success. It empowers our mind to do the impossible, Oracodes Zen Health™, teaches us the NATURAL healing which we can do for ourselves to obtain greater health in mind and body.
Leow Mei Li
(Owner of Venture Interior)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Debbie, your dedication to your vocation is truly inspiring. Thank you for opening up my world." Tony Sydney Australia

"Thank you so muc for this course your dedication is awesome and greatly appreciated, it's turned my life around for the better." Kay, United Kingdom

Weekend Workshops

  • Hypnosis Demystified - Self Hypnosis & Meditation Weekend
  • Compass to Your Success (formally "Create your unlimited success") Time Line Therapy Personal Development Weekend

“I attended an NLP Unlimited Success weekend that Deborah presented
and received excellent results - there's a bounce in my step now and I
am clear about where it is I'm walking to....thank you....highly
Lisa Bassett Double Bay, Australia

“Marg and I just wanted to let you know what a great weekend we
had, thanks heaps. We both learned lots and are now looking forward to
doing the next training….. we were able to use our new learned skills
at a successful presentation this morning…Thanks”
Monte & Margaret Pollard Central Coast, Australia

“I just wanted to say another THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! you
are awesome women, and awesome inspiring trainers. I'm very honoured
and proud to know you and to have the privilege of being taught by the
May Ling Lee Five Dock, Australia

“Wow How quickly the changes happen….how the death of my father
24 years ago was holding me back due to guilt and anger I felt…..I have
stopped blaming people for my mistakes…..more cause – less effects……”
Marie Hacking
Sydney, Australia

“Clearing – moving towards what I want….and to do what I want to do……A big thanks for all your wonderful work”
Amanda Bigelow
ACT, Australia

“Realizing my fears and sadness, it’s about taking time out for me……staying positive and keep moving forward.”
Charmaine Bekavac
Sydney, Australia


Personal Break Through Sessions

  • Stop Smoking
  • Depression
  • Fear of public Performance
  • Fear of Success



"Debbie worked with me in three short sessions to help me improve myself in specific areas of my day to day life - in doing so broke down barriers for me that I never even knew existed.
The work she did was subtle but extremely effective, and I am now much more confident in my direction...my dreams of becoming a professional guitar player are now a lot closer to coming true. I would certainly recommend her to anyone."
Liam Tattersal Queensland 2004

“WOW…Thank you Deborah. You have made a huge difference in the results I am now getting. Your Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and NLP is really a cut above the rest. The speed at which changes have taken place have been absolutely phenomenal. I will be referring everybody I know to you and am looking forward to more one on one sessions for myself. The time spent with you has been invaluable.”
Mark Stephens
Author and Professional Speaker
Sydney Australia

“ I'm feeling brilliant. There have been no negative emotional experiences. Unlike the past, when trying to stop cold turkey drove me back to the comfort of smoking!!!!!!!!
Clint DeGoldberg
Sydney, Australia
Corporate Trainings

Customised Business Trainings

"Diligent research and preparation allowed Deb to tailor the
progamme to meet our business needs. The programme materials were clear,
appropriate and well prepared . Deb's delivery was professional, well paced,
challenging and enjoyed by all participants."

Glenn Szecsodi, Sales Manager Onesteel 

"Your enthusiastic bubbly personality, makes it an absolute pleasure for all my team members and myself to attend training, and the difference in the teams work ethics and manner has changed. We look forward to meeting with you again real soon. Thanks a million for making a difference.”
Joanne Brown
Manly, Australia

“Deborah Edwards is an exceptional trainer who makes learning the most amazing life transforming skills fun and exciting.”
Rosemary Dillon
Blue Mountains Council
Sydney, Australia

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