Why us

8 Important Reasons to Train with us..

1. Excellent Workshop Content. Fast paced session to help you manage time effectively. Our high quality material and products will be an excellent resource for you well beyond the training. Our highly interactive and fun style of training will assist you in understanding each technique from a deeper level.


2. Practical Benefits & Application. We deliver practical concepts and tools to use every day. We encourage our students to use all the tools before during and after our training so you can experience how to further improve and boost your results. Experience is the best teacher.


3. Time Effective and Great Price with no padding - great value and excellent Reference Materials. Receive a great workbook and comprehensive processes, lists and reference forms you can use later on the job.


4. Professional Presenters. All our presenters are skilled in delivering our courses with poise and experience. Students will receive a personal follow up by our World Class Trainers and we offer our graduates the opportunity to further develop their skills with our International Coaching Assistance Program.


5. We are Proudly Australian We are an Australian Based business and teach with Australian culture in mind. We globally bring our trainings to the world introducing our own unique Australian history and flavour to all our public and private trainings.


6. Personal Satisfaction Guaranteed Apart from a financial guarantee, we offer you our own personal guarantee. We are proud of our graduates and know you will get the value and practical benefits from all of our trainings.


7. Valuable Support We provide email and phone support for all of our Certified Graduates, with extra activities to motivate and educate our graduates including seminars, focus groups and personal coaching sessions.


8. Limited Class Groups - Our International Certification trainings are limited to a maximum of just 18 people, to ensure that we can provide you with quality feedback, personal instruction from your trainer and an undeniable transformational experience.



Our NLP trainings have evolved from our experience and consequently our students walk away from our courses with a great knowledge and understanding of the concepts and tools AND most importantly can practice and apply the techniques they have learned easily and effortlessly

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