Getting Hooked

Do you experience strong negative emotions to some people?

Do certain topics just "set you off"?

Do you have that knee jerk reaction and feels like you're unable to control yourself?

Why do we get triggered?

What can you do to stop it?

Your Mood Metre... Are you really listening?

Body Sense

The benefits of "being in your body", instead of being hijaked by negative self-talk will Astound you... and it can be so simply resolved.

We all get lost in thought but when we ignore the quiet screams from your emotional and phsycial being can have a devasting impact. Ignoring out of fear could profoundly impact on your health; your relationships and your happiness.

NLP Presuppositions - Do you really mean what you say?

This is not about women not being able to read maps... this is something that is key to all NLP & Hypnosis Practitioners and how they know what your thinking. Gaining a better understanding of Your map, which is unique to your life and your history. Are we mind readers?

Intimate Relationships - Part 2

How do you create Security and Safety in Your Relationship?

Do you know what makes you feel safe and secure in your relationship? And have you ever discussed this with your partner? or do you assume to know what makes them feel secure?

Intimate Relationship - what's the secret? Part 1

Is there a secret to creating a strong relationship?

and if there was.... would you listen?

Have you ever wondered, What make a relationship work?   There are so many theories and ideas about how to create a loving and strong relationship, I'm sure you have your own opinions and persectives about what it takes to be a happy couple. 

5 Tips Towards Happiness

NLP HappySome people have a goal to be happy. But is this really a good goal to have?

After all Happiness is an emotion, it’s a state of being. Some would say happiness is also a choice that you choose to make. What makes each of us happy is uniquely different to each and everyone….that’s no big surprise to you I’m sure. What surprises me is ….

Conscious Love and Partnerships

What makes a loving relationship?

How can you develop and grow your marriage?

What is the secret of letting go of your past, so you can see your partner for who they are?

Body Language & NLP

People often ask me how do you read people’s body language?

Is it possible to spot a liar? I want to be able to understand what people are really feeling - can I learn how to read body language?

In Your Own Words

How do your words impact on your life?

In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Language is our second name. When we think about language – we are not just focusing on the words we use, we must also take into careful consideration peoples body language

Your own self-talk and attitude will clearly impact your body language and choice of words....unconsciously


How often do you make the time to just be in the moment?

How much time do you spend each day away from all distractions (eg. music, tv, phones, computers, books or people)

How often do you allow yourself to take a moment – for yourself?

How often do you take a moment to just stop and reflect on what’s happening in your life?

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