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Language - Bin the But

Here's a challenge for you....


This week BIN Your BUT !.


Programs to Live By

Master practitioner

Just for fun, read and revise


Anchors active

In Neuro Linguistic Programming one of my personal favourites and fun skills to learn is Anchoring. We learn the basic skills of anchoring in Practitioner and then the more advanced techniques at the Master Practitioner Level (Advanced anchoring is loads of fun!).

Anchoring is a skillset and tool which you will find really interesting and you'll discover many practical ways in which you can use it daily.

Why fix an anchor?

Speedy Submodalities

Your questions control your focus

To change our focus we have to become somebody that we are not.


NLP Technique - Using Metaphors to Transform

Lets revise the Magic of Metaphors

Metaphors are commonly used to express or open up different ways of thinking. In our NLP practitioner training we teach you how to use metaphors in an effective way to assist your client or students to unconsciously start the process of change by simply bypassing the critical faculty to access the infinite possibilities of choices and ways in which to make change happen.

Emotional Energy

Having a healthy Glow

Imagine how different life could be if we were to gauge our health by what we see as well as what we feel? Not just by what we see in the mirror each day or our body image and colour of reflection but looking more inside and paying attention to our internal mood meter.

How do our thoughts effect the emotions we feel and how inturn does that impact on our own internal physical state?

Remember rapport


Bondi Beach rapportSee my mum's got it right ! This photo was taken not long after my mum's family arrived from Hungary. And hungry they were, hungry for a new way of life and a new beginning.


Lets call it Bondi Beach Rapport!


Notice the tilt of the head, the position of the hands, arms and legs. The lean of the body. Even their smile !

YOU can coach

The Focus this week is on LanguageMetaModel Dice

Review the Meta Model

The Meta Model enables you to think and communicate with a precision and clarity above and beyond whats normally common.

So what's the Right Question....

Non Verbal Language

Focus today on your Sensory Acuity


In Neuro-linguistic Programming Sensory acuity is defined as the ability to observe, examine, and interpret the external cues of people. Being able to notice and be aware of the non-verbal communication which takes place.


EyeSensory acuity is used for training our minds to listen with your Eyes...


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