Fear of Flying

"My heart starts beating so fast . . . it feels like it’s going to explode. My throat closes and I can’t breathe. I start to choke. My hands start sweating. I get so dizzy I have to hold onto the furniture or the wall to keep from falling or fainting…."


Fear of FlyingUnwarranted fear or inappropriate fear can create real trouble in your life.  The longer you do nothing about it can mean the worse it gets. 


Whilst Fear is an important emotion to feel and as humans and we all have the instinctual “flight or fight”response.  A phobia is an extreme reaction which can impact our bodies dramatically and pyschologically if left unchecked can result in creating more fears and phobias. Influencing many different areas of our life and the decisions we make.   This type of Fear does not protect us at all. 

Many people ask Where do Phobia's come from? 

A phobia can start very simply, even from what seems to be a harmless joke of throwing a fake spider.  It's not really important to know where or how it started and you don't need to know this in order to release the fear.


Apart from the common fear of flying. Many people experience all sorts of wonderful fears and phobia's.  Some of the most recent and common ones I've assisted people with include:

  • Fear of insects or animals (moths, cockroaches, birds, dogs)

  • Fear of balloons, clowns, dolls.

  • Fear of public transport

  • Fear of driving


There is no good use for a phobia...
The long term stress is not good for the body. You can Change it!


Working with Your unconscious mind is a fast, easy and fun way to conquer any phobia


Whether you work with a skilled hypnotherapist or do your own self hypnosis, you can dramatically decrease the amount of anxiety or fear that you hold in your body.  Working with a qualified hypnotherapist who is skilled and works with a range of modalities will accelerate your results.  You can let go of a phobia in sometimes less than 3 hours, Some people have taken just 20mins !!  The real question is are you willing to do it ? Your commitment through taking action is what gets results, being ready and willing to doing the work.   You might be suprised to know that Hypnotherapy can be a lot of fun.

Do you want to know how?

Hypnotherapist Deborah EdwardsDeborah Edwards is a qualified hypnotherapist and international trainer.  She works with a number of different modalities both for your conscious and unconscious mind.   Working with your unconscious mind can really speed up your results.  I always recommend talking first with any therapist to get a feel for who they are and how they work and to ask those burning questions.


Deborah is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, you can reach her directly today on (02) 93897687 or her mobile 0402 623 375.




Curious to learn the art and science of Self-Hypnosis?

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