How often do you make the time to just be in the moment?

How much time do you spend each day away from all distractions (eg. music, tv, phones, computers, books or people)

How often do you allow yourself to take a moment – for yourself?

How often do you take a moment to just stop and reflect on what’s happening in your life?

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” Peter Drucker

on reflection

Do you think there may be some value in spending time with you and just be in the moment?

As you are probably aware, I have taken some time away from blogging recently to take the time to relax, reflect and re-evaluate where I am and what I am doing. I created the opportunity to find time each day to simply consider, acknowledge and reflect on a couple of questions like:


Where am I now? What’s currently happening for me in my life?


o What patterns do I see?

o How am I reacting and behaving with others?

o What is the impact of my actions?

o What do I need to change and do differently?

o How do I feel about this?


Where do I want to be? What are my hopes, dreams and desires?

o What is important to me? (what are my values - in all different areas of my life)

o What is my highest intention?
o What actions can I now take in order to achieve these desires and intentions?

o How will I know that I have achieved these hopes, dreams and desires

When we are constantly just pushing through each day, just getting by – pushing through, it can be difficult to appreciate and acknowledge what’s really going on.

Do you sometimes feel that your life is moving too fast? Are you feeling the pressure of doing more things in less time – just to get stuff done? How does this impact on your way of being? How does it impact on your quality of living?

I would like to share with you some of my own personal challenges and reflections through these blogs and perhaps stimulate some new ideas as well as hearing more about your personal thoughts and desires.

I would like to suggest that taking time out for yourself is a highly valuable exercise to do and whilst it may mean, stopping some of the things you do and re-prioritising or rescheduling your daily life – it’s worth it. You are worth it

The time you take to invest in your own personal or professional development is a wise investment – whether life is going well or falling apart. The time you invest in honest communication with yourself is imperative to creating a life you love. I believe it’s a highly valuable exercise to do – what do you think?

What are you willing to commit to?

Many of my clients tend to “run” from their inner worlds and may experience a lot of anxiety and stress. There are other clients feel that they live in their inner worlds and mask their real experience in fear of being isolated or judged. Some feel that if they were to pay attention to their inner world they would be overwhelmed with depression or anger and have no way of getting out.

But there are some people who can easily and simply be with themselves and embrace all their feelings and find a feeling of inner peace and acceptance. How do they do it? What’s the difference between people who have lived through emotional pain and seem to be stable and hold it together and those that don’t.

These are the sort of topics I’d like to discuss and share with you over these next coming blogs. Is peace possible for you? I’d be keen to hear your thoughts and ideas about this. You can choose to remain anonymous or share your contact details if you’d like me to respond to you personally.

Take the opportunity now to respond right here - right now and provide your feedback.

Alternatively you can call and leave your thoughts and questions on my mobile 0402 623 375.

Let’s get curious about what else is possible for you.


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