Getting Results in Personal Therapy

"Are you willing to do whatever it takes?"

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a therapist who gets great results and the therapist which gets no results?

How can you ensure that you have the motivation for getting real results?

How can you ensure effective therapy?

Commitment is the simple answer. Commitment from you is key.

THE FACTS: It's not enough for the therapist to be committed in getting the results for you. It's not enought for the therapist to have all the specialist training. The client is ther real hero in any type of therapy. Your willingness, effort and what you do  - impacts your results. 

The real question is...Are you willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make the changes you want? Are you willing to take actions or do things differently?

NLP is not just talking about what you want to achieve - it's about the doing.  Action is louder than words. 

NLP likes to set up clear communication with the unconscious mind, it's therefore important that you are focused on what you want - and to take action (including enforcing their boundaries).  

Paying clear attention to what the client wants to achieve from the therapy is imperative.  It must be clear to the therapist and the client.  Together we set goals, outcomes - and want to be sure to get a clear understanding of what they want and how they will know if they have achieved it.  Because...

If you don't know where you are going.... How are you going to get there?

It would be a bit like getting into a cab and asking them to just drive, "but where do you want to go luv?"  I don't know... just drive.  Great for the cab driver... he could take you anywhere!  But what about where you want to go?

Even more importantly - how will you know that you are there? and you've got what you needed from the therapy? How will you know? What will be different in your life? What will you be doing?

When you are 100% commitment to making change - know where you want to go and how you will know you are there - That's when personal transformation begins.


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