Get S.M.A.R.T

When you are not getting the goals you set for yourself in life - it might be time to change your goals or "Get Smart" about what you are focusing your energy on. I'm not sure if you are aware on how your mind can work. The thing I've discovered is

Your MIND needs some thing for FOCUS on and whatever you choose to focus on is what you'll get... So the importance of your conscious language can make a huge impact on your results. As your focus becomes your REALITY!

1. An idle mind can become lost!
NLP Focus

You've probably heard the saying - energy flows where your focus goes. Do you focus on what you want or what you don't want? Are you clear about your goals? Whether your goals are personal or business - the more specfic or precise you can be, the easier it is for you to get them.

Get Smart - Get Real Clarity

When you are writing your goals - it's important to focus on what you want. (yes I'll say it again) Focus on what you want.

For example one client said to me "my goals is to not be in debt". All their unconscious mind can hear is "be in debt". I don't want to get angry with my partner (again all the unconscious mind hears is... get angry with my partner). So how do you change it?

Ask yourself the question - what do I want instead?

For exmample if you don't want to be in debt what do you want? Perhaps $5,000 of savings. If you don't want to get angry with your partner - what do you want? Perhaps to feel calm, relaxed and still get your point across clearly.

In NLP, we teach SMART goals, with a twist. SMART is an acronymn for SPECFIC MEASURABLE REACHING and TIME bound. It's structured in this way so that when you design and create the goals they are written in a way it provides you with more clarity as to what you want and when. It gives your mind a specific FOCUS and can make obtaining your goal easier.

S - Specific, Be precise in regards to what you want

M - Measurable - Is your goal something you can measure, can you easily evaluate it?

A - Achievable - When you look at your goal, how does it impact all the other areas of your life?

R - Realistic & Responsible -

T - Time bound - include the date and year that will work and make it happen.

Now Here's the Twist

It won't just happen - you will have to start taking action towards it. And if you want your unconscious mind to also be onboard and help you from a different level... there are some imporant questions to ask - again SMART questions.

S - Simple, Your unconscious mind likes things to be precise AND simple. Remember it's just like talking to a young child - keep it simple.

M - Meaningful to you - Is your goal for you only or are you doing/wanting this goal to please someone else in your life. Goals are easier to get if that are important to you and excite you.

A - As if Now - This is highly recommended when working with your unconscious mind... write your goals as if you already have them ! eg. I have now successful written some clear, exciting and concise goals.

R - Reaching - if you get every goal you set, perhaps it's time to reach a little more and aim for something bigger. Ask more of yourself.

T - Towards - be sure that your goal is written in language that is towards what you want to achieve.


Not sure if your goal is correctly written or would like some further feedback - you can simply leave your goals here and I'll reply to you by either phone or email with suggestions and recommendations of how you can improve on your goal

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