Suffering From Inner Conflicts?

Do you sometimes feel differently to how you behave or act? Are you experiencing inner conflict?

We all know that you you know that there are times we do not act out how or what we feel, this is not what this blog is about. I'm more concerned when you are often not acting or expressing how you feel because you're either embarrased, ashamed, anxious or confused.

"On one hand you feel X but on the other hand you feel Y" But "X" and "Y" are complete opposites and are conflicting ideas, thoughts or feelings.

Internal Conflict, can cause indecision and also impact on your confidence or self worth. Some medical studies suggest that inner conflicts and negative emotions may create serious issues with your health (dis-ease).

In NLP, we explore and can assist you with inner conflict. There is a very powerful technique called "Parts Intergration"which is specifically designed for conflicting challenges you may be experiencing and is creating problems for you in your life or relationships.

When there is a part of you that want to act and there is a part of you that says don’t act it can cause you a lot of headache right? 

It's a bit like that cartoon where on one shoulder, there is a red devil advising you to  "just DO IT don't worry about the consequences" whilst on the other is the halo angel which suggests " no DO NOT DO IT ".   But whether it's a halo or horns - sometimes there is no black and white answer, it may not be a case of who's right and who's wrong.

When ever there is an internal conflict, it can become a big problem for some because they become anxious and frustrated, that lead them to non-activity and soon ended up on the coach eating and eating until they become, well, stuck to the coach growing bigger and bigger while their money in the bank account shrink smaller and smaller!

PARTS INTEGRATION is an amazing process and can have a profound effect, as we work with your unconscious mind releasing a load of negative emotions and beliefs.  It can create an incredible shift, the results of which you may benefit from for a life time.

Do you suffer from Indecision?
Maybe a PARTS INTEGRATION will help you to move from indecision to decisive action.

What are your thoughts?? I'm curious to hear from you about this blog, You can leave your comments, thoughts, questions or feedback here - Have Your Say

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