Relations & Relating

Your decisions are based on what has real meaning to you, rather than on what is presumed to be rational.

What are your beliefs about you? 

Self RelfectionWhen we think about relationships and how we relate to others - it could be beneficial to start by looking at the type of relationship you have inside yourself.

  • What sort of a friend are you to yourself?  Are you supportive, loving, caring and encouraging?  How do you talk to yourself
    Are you aware of the conversations you hold in your mind? What is your self talk? Are you words kind or harsh?

  • How do you see yourself? What sort of images do you hold of yourself?  Are you accepting of your own strengths as well as what you are challenged by?

  • How do your thoughts & beliefs influence your experience of your relationships?

    If you were to take the time to really pay attention to the thoughts you hold, it may surprise you.

    John who was longing to be in a relationship, took some time to pay attention to the conversations he had from within himself about his self talk on love and relationships.

    “After writing down my thoughts for 2 weeks… I’m shocked at my thought patterns. Not all of them are there all of the time but they have come into my mind enough for me to write them down:

    • Love won’t last for me.

    • They will get sick of me or possibly me of them

    • I don’t deserve love – I’m not good enough. I don’t have enough to offer

    • Love can’t last forever (I watched my parents fight constantly)

    • Familiarity breeds contempt

    • The idea of my soul mate who we are meant to love forever conflicting with the practicalities and experience I’ve had so far.

    • Any love I’ve had has changed and it’s too heartbreaking

    • No one is attracted to me

    • I’m not attractive enough

    • I’m not good company


    Sometimes I wonder if I’m waiting for myself to be perfect before finding the right woman. Like I do with everything – trying to be perfect before I put it out there. Then if I’m too good – what then? Will anybody match up? Will I be resentful?”

    What if you were to "catch your thoughts" the internal conversations that you hold with yourself everyday about all your relationships including: your business relations; your family relationships; how you relate with your partner and friends....

    What conversations are you giving the most meaning to? Is it working for you? or is it time to change and redefine the relationship you have within yourself? 

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