Incompletion - Procrastination

Incompletion can be defined in words...

As an adjective:
lacking a part or parts; not whole; not full:
unfinished; not concluded:
not perfect; not thorough.


Incompletions is also defined with energy...

Incompletions can suck the life force out of you.  It's amazing how much more energy you have after completing a task.

Whether it's doing that paper work you've been procrastinating about, or completing an assignment or having closure on a relationship from the past.  By feeling complete, you return to a feeling of wholeness and can be inspired to do more than you set out to do originally.

Why do we procrastinate... 

Bordom, pressure, distractions, resistance, fear of failure or fear of success!  There may be a lack of interest and motivation to do what ever there is to be done.  But as it sits there and goes nowhere, it continues to nag in the back of your mind (or by others) it creates more energy and pull towards it along with negative heavy feelings which may then turn into limiting beliefs about yourself and your abilities.

So what to do??

  1. Recognise and acknowledge it - decide to make a commitment to yourself, decide to do something about it.

  3. Re-defind your goals - If you are procrastinating about a certain "goal or objective" you have, chances are... this goal is not something you feel congruent about.  Personal Goals (whether they are work, financial, family, spiritual or relationships) are more effective when they inspire you, motivate you...When you feel compelled and excited by the realism of them coming into play, you'll be more likely to get it done.  Focus on the end point, Focus on the feelings of this task being complete, notice how it will make you feel and what else you'll be able to do. 

  5. Start with small steps - it's clear if you want something done by biting off smaller chunks and doing little things, the simple things can propell you towards completing whatever it is you need to do.

  7. Make it a game/ a new challenge - change your perspective and have some fun with it - Schedule a time frame and allow yourself just 5 or 10 or 30 mins to do as much as you possibly can about that particular thing you don't want to do.

  9. Ask for help - think about what other resources you have at your fingertips or at the end of a phone that could make the job easier or more interesting and fun to do.  Could someone else do part of what you need done?

  11. If you are an NLP Practitioner use submodalities, swish or chaining anchors to change the neurological pathways and negative thinking.

  13. If you know Time Line Therapy... explore the negative emotions and limiting decisions around this task and Let them go.

  15. Declare it complete - if there is no desire or need to do this particular task or thing, then mentally declare it complete and reclaim your energy.

Most importantly....

Continue to Focus on what you want, just do it or do something different

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