Your 1 Minute Stress Buster


It’s funny how we often take Breath is for granted!

The effect of deep breathing has been known for thousands of years.
“HA Breathing” some say originates from China, from the practises of martial arts. This specific technique was used (and still used today) to quieten the mind and feel more centred, before doing any fighting or meditations. HA Breathing is an easy way you can calm your mind, especially in times of stress. You’ll find that “HA” Breathing for your own relaxation will be extremely beneficial to your personal well being.


  • Helping you to feel more centred and balanced.
  • Increase your clarity of thought.
  • Increase your energy levels.
  • Can Change your response to stress.

This simple breathing pattern changes the message in the brain, decreasing the amount of adrenaline that stress brings to your body.HAAA Breathing leads you to feel more settled, balanced and calm in your mind. (It’s a little like rebooting your computer.)


You may notice that in times of stress we tend to breath from the top of our lungs (shoulders go up and the breathe is quiet shallow).  So to get the most out of this exercise below Breath from the belly !!

First simply adjust your posture, ensure that you sit(or stand) with you back straight, shoulders back opening up your chest cavity and allowing the breathe to go deeply. 

Breathe from your belly - Place your hand on your belly and as you breath in notice your hand pushes out.  And as you exhale your hand then goes in.  By breathing from your Belly you use your diaphram to bring the breath to the deepest part of your lungs.  This also provides an internal massage for some of your vital organs !

Your Instant Stress Buster

You can do this exercise with either your eyes opened or closed. 

1. Start this exercise by inhaling quiet quickly through your nose ( breathe in to the count of 2).

2. Hold your breath for the count of 4.

3. Now exhale through your mouth, to the count of 8 (or as long as possible, as the longer your exhale breathe is – the better this short exercise will work for you.). As you exhale it’s important to quietly use the sound with a soft “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa”
The vibration that the sound “haaaaa” creates will be felt through the centre core of your body (all the way down to your power centre).

4. When you have released as much breath as you think you can, push out a little bit more.

5. Then again inhale through your nose to the count of 2.

6. Hold for the count of 4.

7. Exhale through your mouth, using a HAAA breathe to the count of 8 (or as long as you can).

8. Continue using the HAAA breathe for as little as 1 minute, or if you are about to start your own self hypnosis or meditation, use this HAAA breathing technique for 5 – 15mins.

You will notice that by practising this exercise can make a profound difference to the depth of your meditation or self hypnosis practise.

Please be aware: That if at any time you begin to feel dizy, just sit down if your standing and return to your normal breathing patterns, until it passes and then continue. The more often you do this exercise, the better you’ll become.

It’s recommended to take time to relax and refresh your energy daily. Do it Consistently and you'll notice the difference.



You’ll feel difference when you practise this technique every day, 3 times a day. And it will only take 15 mins (you can do it on the bus, in the car, while watching TV.) 
We recommend that you use the HAAA breathing at least 3 times a day.  Do it for just 7 Days and notice the difference.

1. In the morning, Upon arising, before you jump out of bed.

2. At lunchtime and/or before any meditation or self hypnosis sessions.

3. Before going to sleep

4. In addition, please do the HAAA breath when you are aware of your stress levels rising.

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