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Octavian can develop trainings, workshops or events that fit to your budget and your business outcomes and challenges. Together we can build a program that complements your current company culture and training structure.

Working in alignment with your highest values, to create the right attitude and mindset using effective NLP strategies, emotional intelligence and having clear vision.

  • BUSINESS VALUES and VISION - Values alignment in business creates compelling focus,efficiency and support from all levels of your team towards your vision.

  • SUCCESSFUL SELLING STRATEGIES - Use the"high probability" prospecting model to win more business, in less time, with less stress. Improve the profitability of your organization and create environment for resourcefulness and productivity.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM DYNAMIC - Develop Synergy with your team and enhance the productivity of your staff and the professionalism of your business. Reduce Stress - learn the keys to managing Stress in the workplace.

  • INSPIRE YOUR STAFF - Implement a Powerful Induction Program create a culture that welcomes change and progress. Inspire and Develop a positive attitude and accountability in an atmosphere where everyone works together peacefully.

  • PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT - Grow your company elicit and implement brilliant strategies to your key processes. Coach individuals or teams and boost their professional skills. Increase your staff's personal performance, job satisfaction and results.


"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." Albert Einstein 1879 – 1955


Customised Business Solutions

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