Family Relationships

When your have a house but not a home

FamilyThe word Family means to many things different people.


It may be your
Blood Relatives (both living and those in spirit)
Close Friends (here and overseas)
Community (where you live and participate in) 


Most of us experience love-hate relationship with our families, all at the same time.
They can be the best and the most challenging connections and places to be.


What do you observe?


What are the current themes that run through the threads of conversations, the stories which are expressed around the kitchen table.
Could it all be you.
Yep, it's those rascally relationships that seriously bring out the best and the worst in you.


It's ironic that it's your family who you can most learn from.


We want to change THEM, Love them, Care for them or make them suffer. Do we always realise it's not the behaviour or words that count.

Getting to the real truth is understanding starts with exploring what you see from a new perspective, and perhaps your own choice to enhance or enable your relationships. You treat them and they trick and treat you. Only we don't realise the real treasures are sweet.

Build on your relationships during the silly season. Change your behaviours, Listen to your language, take care and love.


  • Love the nagging and respect them regardless
  • Love the Nature and Nuture reconnect as a brother, sister, daughter, son, mum, dad, auntie, uncle, cousin, grandparent or friend.
  • Love the Learning of how to have fun again together.
  • Love the chaos and respect your personal boundaries and communicate respectfully your needs and wants.
  • Love the inspiration and support of just being in the present moment.


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