The HypnoClub in Bondi

What is the secret of hypnosis?

You might be suprised to know that Hypnosis is Well Known for being one of the FASTEST and Most Effective Personal Therapies available today.

If you are Skeptical Or Unsure what it's all about and if you can be hypnotised Then you have a unique opportunity to experience it for yourself in a safe, friendly environment with a small group of like minded people who, like you, are curious to see what they are capable of creating and changing in their life. 

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Group Trance

This program has been carefully designed to take you through each step to ensure that this specific experience will be the most beneficial and of greatest value toyou. After completing the inital Foundations course there will be a number of different programs you can choose to participate in.

The foundations of hypnosis, focuses on your relationship with your unconscious mind. It consists of a personal interview and online assessment as well as 2 training sessions, in order to experience and re-experience different levels of trance. By the end of the these 2 sessions you'll know if this is something you'd like to continue to do.

  • Boost Your Confidence

  • Mind Body Healing

  • Staying Centred and Calm

  • Changing your negative self talk

  • Each session is 2 hours, the above programs are between 2 - 6 weeks in total. Once a week you'll enjoy a hypnotic trance with a qualified hypnotherapist Deborah Edwards. Each programme explores your own ability to go into a trance and you will experience and utilise the power of your own mind to get the results you want. Each week will include some discussions; personal challenges for the week ahead as well as the opportunity to ask questions or discuss the topic in more detail. Overall each program's aim is to allow yourself to feel more energised about your life and your own personal goals.

    It's just like having a Personal Trainer for your mind

    It's important to know that the hypnoclub does not replace the benefits and value of doing individual personal therapy. The hypnoclub is not a training but an experience where in and of itself you can choose to learn.

    Who should attend?

    These sessions are intended for people who are....
    Curious about their own personal and professional development.
    For people who have already completed a training or workshop with Deborah
    For people who are curently having therapy sessions with Deborah or have had sessions in the past and would like to add value to what you have already learnt throughout your session.
    It is also for people like you are simply interested to know what hypnosis is all about and how it feels to be hypnotised.

    You may know Now is the time to experiment and do something different and Now is the time to take another step in developing your own mindset and enhancing the quality of your life.

    A personal assessment survey is required to be completed by all participants prior to being accepted into the HypnoClub. The HypnoClub is a limited to a small group to ensure personal value. All Enquiries are welcome Call or contact us today by Registering your interest today.

    Our aim is to inspire you and encourage you to expand on your own possibilities and take action towards creating the life you want to live. To use these sessions as just one part of assisting you in learning the right mind set in your life and expand on your thinking, motivating you to take action.

    Contact Deborah Today on 0402 623 375 or Register Your interest to attend Now

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