Hypnosis Demystified

A Self-Hypnosis Weekend Workshop

This Highly Interactive weekend workshop, with a hands on experience so you can learn and have loads of fun.You’ll be sure to uncover your personal strengths and desires that you were previously unaware of. You'll meet and learn from like minded people and find out how you can transform other negative habits or behaviours you may have.

Hypnotic eyes

  • Boost Your Self-Confidence
  • Change the negative self talk
  • Accelerate your Learning ability
  • Increase your memory
  • Be Totally Focused on what you want 
  • Utilise your time and your energy more wisely 
  • Get motivated towards better health and life balance
  • Speed up your self-healing

    “Self hypnosis plays a valuable role in a process which makes it easier for an individual to discover and understand the workings of his own body and mind, learn the factors which basically cause his own distress and learn how to control them.” Dr Milton Erickson

    What this weekend workshop will cover:

  • The History where did it all start? and what does hypnosis do for you? what are the hidden Benefits and value of learning Self-Hypnosis and Trance.
  • How does it work? what does scientific research show, what happens in your brain? and why does hypnosis work?
  • Experience Trance different types of Inductions – (sitting, walking, standing). Find out the difference between self hypnosis and pure meditation? You'll see what technique works best for you.
  • How do you know your in a trance or altered state of mind. Discover how to recognise trance. What are the Signs you need to be aware of in yourself and others. .
  • Increase your awareness and ability to traverse the different levels of trance. Be in Control of your own level of trance, move from a light or deeper state of trance for different situations. (eg. lectures or learning situations; sleeping; relaxation)
  • Design your own hypnotic induction and ritual.
  • Use powerful and effective language create successful suggestions to use for yourself.
  • Learn the techniques to Generate powerful changes & transform your lifestyle.

R E G I S T E R  Y O U R   I N T E R E S T   B E L O W   T O D A Y

Hypnosis Demystified
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