Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is a really valuable tool and it can take as little as just 10 - 15min a day to make a difference.


We all understand how nasty stress can be from a physiological, mental and emotional viewpoint.  It can slow down our thinking, cloud our thoughts and decisions. Making even simple daily challenges a real chore.


So what if you could reduce or eliminate that with just 5-15mins of self hypnosis?  Do you deserve to take just 15mins out of the day for you?  If you could concerntrate on nothing and relax your mind and body (reboot your system) you may just find that you will be able to relax and react differently through out your day.  Make your life a lot easier, and begin to enjoy and even laugh at what used to be challenge or stress for you.


People say to me, but what about my kids, I'm constantly having to run around and look after them.  For the sake of your children you need to have your down time, it is important that you find some time to relax so you can enjoy more quality time with them.  And isn't it what you would teach them - "look after number 1 first before anybody else"  If you do not look after yourself you will not have enough energy to give to anyone else.


Here are 7 simple steps for self hypnosis.


1. Prepare yourself - make the decision and organise the time and place every day to spend just 15mins of "quiet time".


2. Focus on your breathing  start by just focusing on your breathing, notice where you are breathing from (top middle or bottom of your chest), notice the rate at which you are breathing.  With every out breathe tell yourself to relax and use the out breathe to let go of all the tension in your body. 


3. Flow the relaxation through your whole body  For about 5 - 7 mins continue to focus on your breathing and fully relax your body from the top of your head down to the souls of your feet.  Continue to focus on your breathing, if thoughts come to mind (that's ok) just bring your focus back to your breathing and relaxing your body.


4. Test for physical relaxation  notice if there are areas which may be holding more tension, focus in on those areas with your mind and continue to let go of any tension in that area with every out breathe.. relax.. 


5. Relax your mind  concerntrate on the space between your thoughts, see if you can allow yourself for just 1 or even 2 mins think only thoughts of relaxation. Put all your other tasks and thoughts aside for a moment and allow yourself time to just think little about anything. OR if you find that your not ready to do that yet.. you can simply Bring your mind now to a relaxing place where you have been before in the past. (perhaps on holidays, on the beach, walking in a park, lieing under your favourite tree). Somewhere you felt safe, happy and totally relaxed.


6. Give yourself suggestions of past, present and future success.  Remind yourself of all the great things you've done (even the small stuff - like taking the time out for you to relax now).  Envisage how you want your life/day/business to be visualise however feels right for you - in pictures, sounds, feelings even the tastes and smells, using all of your senses be looking through your own eyes... then step out of the picture - see your body in the picture - and see your ideal scene and perfect moment, see yourself doing, being and acting exactly how you want to act.


7. Bring yourself back to the room.  As you become aware of the room and surrounding again, bring yourself back with just 3 deep breathes and remember to again give yourself positive suggestions of feeling more refreshed, being able to enjoy your day, feeling more relaxed that inner peace inside.


Make this a habit on a daily basis and you will soon reap the rewards of taking that 15mins out for you.  If you would like more help in knowing how to do this effectively.  Come along to our Self Hypnosis weekend workshop and we will show you a number of different techniques and styles that may be better suited to your own life style.  Follow the below links for further information


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