Bad Habits & Behaviour

Kicksuccess starts first in your mind...

Our nasty habits and behaviours are things that we learn over time but the great news is that we can Un-learn them and replace them with different strategies. More effective strategies !

As everyone is different and processes information differently there is not one way to do or change anything, and that's the beauty of NLP it has numerous tools which suit different people for different situations and the real excitement is that change can happen quickly.

So if you're seriously looking to...

  • Kick Unhealthy Habits (eg smoking, phobias, fears)
  • Reach your Ideal Goals (Health, Weight, Self Development)
  • Perform Consistently at your Peak (business, fitness)
  • Stop Procrastinating and Get active Easily


You can do so by either learning for yourself the tools which make the magic happen at our NLP Practitioner Certification, alternatively you can have your own personal one on one session with an experienced Master Practitioner who will customise your program and work with you to get the best result for you.

All you need to do - is make the decision that it's time to do something about it. It's time to TAKE ACTION!

Nail Biting

Nail biting is not only one of the most common of all the 'oral compulsive' habits, it is also one of the most responsive to hypnotherapy. The reason why most people bite their nails, whether in times of stress, or simply through habit, is essentially the same mechanism as used by overeaters and smokers - it's called 'oral satisfaction'.

Constantly Checking Emails

With technology comes new challenges and habits, many people have a problem with wasting time on emails and other distractions which lead to further procrastination about doing those things which are really important to you.

Getting UP

Have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? While it's important to look at your sleeping patterns, diet, exercise and stress levels. It's also possible to boost your energy levels and get into a habit of getting up earlier.... but only if you really want to !

Negative Thinking

We have over 90,000 thoughts a day, yet what is it that we are focusing on? many people are unconscious about there own inner thoughts and voice yet it can make difference between having a fun, exciting and productive day or a boring, negative and everything goes wrong sort of day.

Teeth Grinding

Many suffer from this unconscious habit of grinding their teeth at night, teeth grinding has been linked to emotions such as unresolved anger, rage or frustration. Through some very effective techniques of Time Line Therapy your teeth can be saved.

NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis combined, is a powerfully effective trilogy that can be used to eliminate unwanted behaviours and allow you to move ahead energised in a positive and enlightened manner.


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