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How would you like to improve your performance and feel great about taking care of yourself. NLP has a number of fantastic tools which can assist you in feeling more motivated and excited about your health regime. It's a change of lifestyle that naturally progresses to your own self confidence and self esteem. Regular exercise increases your performance, not only in your health but assists you in managing other areas of your life. Having a balance between regular exercise, relaxation and all your other priorities in life, is an absolute must if you're on the quest for a more fullfilled and happy life. With the combination of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis you'll see that change is a lot easier than what you may have previously thought. Consistency of behaviour can be achieved if you're willing. Learn these empowering tools for yourself, so that you can have them for a lifetime. Come to our next NLP Practitioner Certification and experience the change you want.





While being overweight can be bad for your health it's your self image and social life that gets a real battering. Obsesity in Australia is a growing concern.

The ripple effect it can create later in life could lead to diabetes and heart disease. The impact to yourself and immediate family and friends is enormous.

Changing your life style to include healthy eating, regular exercise and an improved self image are all possible, In fact anyone can do it easily, including you!




Your energy levels increase naturally with good eating habits, sleep and exercise. All of these factors must be inplace to increase your health and energy levels. Through NLP discover what may be unconsciously preventing you from feeling great and Get Motivated to increase the amount of exercise you do in your day which will naturally boost your energy levels. With Time Line Therapy eliminate any self doubt or limiting beliefs about what you can achieve and combine it with Self-Hypnosis it is also possible to increase your metabolic rate, which will also increase your energy levels as well as make you look and feel younger.




It is a well known fact in medicine that your emotions and state of mind can impact on your ability to fight any illness as well as create diseases.

We work with people one on one to assist them in managing or even overcoming the side effects of different health issues including: AIDS · Arthritis · Cancer · Diabetes · Obssesive Compulisive Disorders (OCD) · Chronic Pain · Smoking · Weight ·Irritiable Bowel Syndrom (IBS)


YOU can make a difference.


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