Let Go of Negative Emotions

time Line TherapyThe change is in you - You can change your perspective ... turning it upsidedown

Einstein says that space and time are not absolute but relative to the observer and the thing being observed. 

If you can change your perspective of life - you could change your results and quality of life.

It’s a fact that the increasing pressures of day to day living can really impact on your health, family, relationships, business,success and happiness.  Your level of happiness and stress is not necessarily depandant on what you have but who you are and how you react or respond to your life experiences.

Sleep like a baby

Learn how to sleep like a baby...

You can create this change by eliminate the feeling of stress, fear, depression, anxiety or any other negative emotions that prevent you from achieving what you want. Release the limiting decisions that perhaps you made in the past – but now no longer serve you. 

Two days after our first 3.5 hour session, Portia advised that…

“I feel amazing...  I woke only once in the night. No dreams at that time, no dreams of him. I went back to sleep easily. Slept right through until the alarm woke me up feeling rested !  I had a solid breakie, I’m not feeling sick, sad or a sore tummy.  I feel happy and focused.  I was excited to listen to my new CD in the car and I’m singing and whistling.”

Portia Thomson

Anxiety,Frustration, Guilt, Anger, Fear & Sadness

Could create disease in your body.

Medical studies show that when significant emotional experiences happen, if the
emotion is not released it becomes locked inside the body..and could create dis-ease

And YET The process of change is surprisingly quick. People are often shocked to discover a problem that they have had for years, which has cost them dearly, can be resolved very quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes!

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The change is in you

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