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Personality filters is the study of how people filter information from the external world, and how that take that information internally, process it and make meaning from it.

Personality filters act as a sieve for our experiences. They determine what information passes through, based on what we are looking for or where we have put our attention. Our personality filters are generally unconscious, until we become aware of them and then we realise how perceptions of one situation can vary according to the person's perception.

As someone who works with other people, if you can understand the filters through which other people see the world, you are better equipped to understand how they are making meaning of it in the way they do.

The following is a list of some of the personality filters which stand out as significant in being able to build rapport and understand both ourselves and others:

1. Source of energy: Extrovert/ Introvert
2. How we make meaning: Sensate (Specifics) / Ideas (Intuitively)
3. Decision making: Thinker/Feeler
4. How we organise our world: Closure (Judger)/ Leave open (Perceiver)


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