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Fear of public Speaking

Are you tired of  living with your fears?

What is it stopping you from doing?

How different would your life be if you no longer had this fear?

When an extreme type of fear takes over you, and rudely interrupts your lifestyle, it's can be more than annoying. It can be really embarrasing. IT CAN STOP you from doing what you want.

"At first, I feel my breath quickens and my palms begin to get all sweaty and then my mind goes blank. I feel the redness in my cheeks begin to burn, my ears are on fire and everyone in the room I know is watching me change colours like a camileon! It's so embarrasing I want to just run out of the's awful."

Plane take off


it originates from the Greek (φόβος,fobos), it's a severe unrealistic response to an something. It’s more than fear – it’s insanely scarey!

It's an uncontrolable fear which can sometimes freeze you to the spot.  Some people have extreme adverse behaviours from screaming out of the room, to developing rashes or hyperventalating.  The good news is YOU CAN easily stop a phobia, it's all a matter of learning more about your mind and how you do it.



We don't really have to know !

It may have started from some trivial event, perhaps from your childhood and yet at the time it may not have been very frightening, over time it can sometimes develop into a highly distressing and traumatic experience.   BUT Where it started is not that important.

How to resolve it, and be free of your fear of phobia (so it's Gone Permanently) is probably a lot easier than you might think.

What are the most common fears or phobia's?

Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of Cockroaches and Flying Bugs
Fear of Death
Fear of Heights or Flying
Fear of Driving Fear of Confined Spaces
and the not so common fears...
Fear of chickens (Alektorophobia)or Fear of long words!!Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia)


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