Relationship Challenges

There's no secret that relationships can be challenging...


And sometimes relationships ares a lot of hard work ! It can
be uncomfortable as your partner habits and behaviours change, yet life is full
of change and your ability to invest time and energy into your relationships,
your ability to consistently to develop and nuture them... can will bring you
the richest rewards and greatest blooms and highlights in your life.


You can Transform your relationships and change for the

  • Find Love
  • Let go of a loveless relationship
  • Save Your Marriage
  • Get over Divorce peacefully
  • Helping your children during a divorce/separation or loss.
  • Deal Effectively with the Grief or Loss of a partner or
    loved one
  • Improve your relationship with your children (or parents)
  • Discover or understand more about your sexual preference
  • Resolve any issues with your Sexual Performance
  • Relationship Dance

still Looking for love

We tend look for those qualities in others which we may feel
we miss or do not have within ourselves... (and then end up hating them for it
!) Through our weekend workshops or personal break through
sessions you can discover

  • What do you really want
  • What is it that your looking for in someone else and
  • What is really preventing you from having the relationship
    you search for.


When your have a house but not a home

Discover how you can stop nagging and command the respect
you want from your children.Nuturing with love - reconnecting as a family and having fun

  • How to discipline with love and establish the boundaries you
    need and want
  • Inspire and support your family
  • Give them the sense of being and not just having
Emotionally reconnect with your family. Live the
example of love.


Spark your
inner-most passion and desires

When your relationship is more like Ships Passing in the Night and Your partner does not acknowledge what you do, is no longer
engaged in your relationship or emotionally locked down.

How do you get your partner to open up and express how they

How do you communicate what's important to you.

How can you rebuild the relationship and have the feelings
of security and trust. How can you move your relationship to the next level.Not being able to get a word in edge wise. (without the fear of payback)



What’s your best chance to make your relationship work?  The answers may surprise you.



Discover how you can get the most out of your marriage

Reconnect and strengthen that Solid underling Friendship - bring
back the fun and passion into your marriage. The quality of your relationships
is to the extent in which you can both meet the needs of each other. Contact us today and discover more about you and what you
need to do to transform your relationship.


Making Babies

Discover how your thoughts, emotions and mind can help
you to have a family. Get expert advise
and the formulae which has a great success rate to improve your chances of

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