NLP Presentation Skills


Shout outWhat makes a spell binding presentation?

How do you hold your audience attention?

What is that secret to Successful Getting your message across?

Let go of your fear around public speaking Whether your making a presentation to 2 or 200 people, learn the right strategies to get your message across clearly and with confidence.


Did you know...The fear of speaking in public is the number 1 fear of all fears…(the fear of dying is at number 7 !!)


Over 41% of people have some fear or anxiety dealing with speaking in front of groups. People experience all kinds of symptoms: Sweaty palms, accelerated heart rate, memory loss and even difficulty in breathing.

The simple truth is that most people, even experienced speakers, have some form of anxiety when speaking in front of groups of people. So while having some anxiety is perfectly normal, the Really Good News is…. It doesn’t have to be stressful!!


Conquer your fears of public speaking and learn the right strategy that will knock their socks off

Discover the simple secret recipe for creating powerful
presentations. Based on techniques for accelerated change


  • Eliminate your fears with Time Line Therapy
  • Get into the right mindset and change your way of thinking
  • Create instant rapport with your audience.
  • Projecting confidence even before you begin through NLP techniques (resource anchoring).
  • Create a powerful stage presence with effective body language and intonation patterns
  • Give your presentation PUNCH - Discover the format to get and keep the attention of your audience.

This fun and highly interactive 2 day workshop will give you the skills and confidence to speak with growing confidence.

You will:

  • Increase your feelings of self-confidence and self worth.
  • Learn the language you need to get your point across easily.
  • Discover how you can Start up a conversation with anyone at anytime.
  • How to answer questions comfortably
  • Learn how you to speak up during any meeting, forum or classroom situation.
  • Have some fun and gain experience and skills to the secrets of public speaking.

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