Selling Strategies

Essential Skills for Impressive Sales

These Successful Selling Strategies is part of our curriculum during our next 7 day NLP Certification Training

Every customer has a buying strategy, deciding how, when and what they buy. So what if you could use your x-ray vision to get inside their head, Imagine having the ability to clearly know their precise needs and desires?  Discover the key to What makes a great sales person – great? and Why is it that certain sales people have that instant connection and responsiveness to their customers? How do they do it?


Super dollarWhat is the real secret to successful selling?

How can you be a SUPER SALESMAN?

NLP delivers techniques and skills that build total congruence in you, projecting confidence to your customers, increasing trust in your ability and your opinion. NLP can easily increase your sales effectiveness and bring back repeat business and valued referrals.

It’s amazing how simple it can be to increase the profitability and success of your business or organization, individually and as a team.

Octavian excels in Customising Sales Trainings and will develop a training designed to enhance your existing best practice skills and expertise of your staff. All of these skills are also presented and taught during our NLP Practitioner and the further advanced Master Practitioner Trainings.

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A High Performance Sales Team Starts with Great Management


In business your customer is your team, a "practise what you preach" approach will inspire a higher level of performance and loyality. By investing your time to learn what is important to your staff will reinforce success. Discover how your team thinks, their motivational strategies and ensure consistent peak performance and results.

Win more business, in less time, with less stress. Implement a “high probability” prospecting model. Provide the support and resources for your team by having a clear understanding your customers needs, wants and desires.

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Save Your Business with SUPER SALESMAN skillset


  • Having a Milliondollar mindsethappy shopers
  • Establishing excellent Rapport and building a relationship
  • Developing Acute Awareness and observation skills
  • Questioning with skill & Listening effectively
  • Eliciting Strategies for making decisions, buying, convincer and reassurance
  • Identifying value and criteria
  • Delivering your product or service with confidence
  • Anchoring positive states
  • Handling any Objections and negotiation skills
  • Closing Effectively
    Building future business and Customer satisfaction

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