Remember rapport


Bondi Beach rapportSee my mum's got it right ! This photo was taken not long after my mum's family arrived from Hungary. And hungry they were, hungry for a new way of life and a new beginning.


Lets call it Bondi Beach Rapport!


Notice the tilt of the head, the position of the hands, arms and legs. The lean of the body. Even their smile !

These are all classic examples of mirroring and matching physiology. We all do rapport naturally, and it's especially easy when we like someone and get on well with them, due to common experiences, beliefs, attitudes or lifestyle.


As you are aware, rapport is a natural and there for easy to do, a lot of the time it will be out of our own consciousness- and this is the best sort of rapport you can have - Unconscious rapport.


Remember that "Resistance in a client is a Sign of a lack of rapport (there are no resistant clients, effective communicators accept and utilise all communication presented to them".


Rapid Rapport
can be established by the simple art of matching and mirroring. Not just the physiology (posture, position of the head, facial movements, gestures, blinking). Another way of building rapport is through the breathing (notice the rate and location of the breath). We can also match and mirror the voice: the tonality of the voice (high/low pitch), the volume (loud/soft), the timbre (wraspy/clear) and the speed of the voice (fast/slow).


As well as paying attention to the chunks! chunks of words that is, how do they structure their sentences? Do they say, a couple of words............. and then pause.......... before saying something....... else........

or do they speak in long and what at times may seem to be incredibly drawn out sentences that never seem to have an ending and when you think they are about to stop because they've come to the end.... they take a quick breathe before continuing on all over again..... Do you know some people who do this??


Remember also the ability to match and mirror their predicates (Visual, Kinesthetic, Auditory and Auditory Digital). Having flexibility will provide you with the ability for people to feel more comfortable with you, allow you also to feel more comfortable and opened within yourself. And if need be you can pace and lead the conversation to help and empower people towards their goals and their aspirations.


Everything should happen under the umbrella of Rapport.

This week, pracitse your ability to gain rapport with everyone you meet, with you excellent skills of sensory acuity, make it more conscious. Focus on your ability to match, mirror and cross over mirror people you come in contact with every day.

Also be especially aware when you notice resistance from others, become aware - are you in rapport? are they (or you) mismatching instead.

Notice also when you feel out of rapport with yourself and take the necessary steps to get back into the swing of things through meditation, pendulum or in letting go of negative emotions and limiting decisions which may clog up your thoughts with Time Line Therapy.

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