Speedy Submodalities

Your questions control your focus

To change our focus we have to become somebody that we are not.


Relationship of SubmodalitiesThis is a 5 minute Exercise

Where is your focus today? What are you thinking about - what you want or what you don't want? Take time out today and for the rest of this week to focus on your goals. Work on one goal at a time. An important goal for you, something you really desire and are excited by. A goal that will inspire you towards continious change and learnings.

Question yourself and your perspective. In Neuro Linguistic Programming how we process information in our minds is refered to as our Internal Representational System, Specifically we are referring to the modalities of our thinking (VAKOG Ad): the pictures we have in our mind (Visual) , the sounds we may associate to (auditory), our feelings (Kinesethetic), to a lesser extent the smells (Olfactory) and tastes (Gustatory )we may also have. Auditory Digital refers to (your Self-talk) and is more a conscious process, as opposed to the VAKOG which is mostly an unconscious process.


Submodalities are simply what encodes or brings meaning to the picture Submodalities of Visual would include - the colour of the picture, size of the picture, location of the picture, brightness (all things which are visually make up your picture) eg For example it's like playing with photo's with a program like photoshop - you can change the meaning of the picture by changing the structure of the picture.  A photo you took today could be altered to make it look like a 50 year old photo or you could take an old photo and by altering the colours modernise it.


Throughout our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings, we explain in more details, discuss and experiment how you can effectively use modalities and submodalties in order to make subtle and enormous changes in many different ways. There are many exercises designed so you can experience the impact personally.


For this exercise this week, Practise and refine the modalities of your thinking - You can choose to do this specific exercise by either: picturing or drawing it; talking about it; or personally get more of a sense and experience of it, write down your goal, learnings and actions which may become more apparent to you throughout the week.


Use the questions below only as a guide to assist you and clearly refine your focus and your goals.


For Time Line TherapyTM Practitioners & Master Practitioners - pay special attention to your internal self talk and feelings. Be aware of any limiting decisions or negative
emotions, feelings or thoughts which are incongruent to your goal. (and change it by letting it go with Neg Emotions number 1 or 2)


Choose one Goal, an important outcome which you have a desire, passion and excitement about having. As you think about your ideal goal, Do you have a picture?


Once you have your picture or feeling - Step into the picture, so that you're looking through your own eyes and consider the following....


Visually - what do you see? what does it look like and Where are you? What do you look like?(what are you be wearing?, are you on your own or are there other people around you?) Paint a picture and make it as real and as bright as you like, whatever feels best for you.


Auditory - Now with a clear picture in your mind of your goal consider what sounds are important. What can you hear? What direction are these sounds coming from? Are the sounds loud or soft? High or low in pitch? or is there mostly silence and just some quiet, peaceful noisesare no sounds,


Kinesthetic - Move to your feelings, Tune into how you feel, where are your feelings (where do you feel it
in your body), what does it feel like, what shape is it and what is
it's intensity? - become aware of how you feel when you have this goal now


Auditory Digital - As you observe, see, hear and feel this goal now, listen to your own self talk, what would you be saying to yourself, what thoughts would be going through your head.


Through out different times of your day this week - Catch your thoughts, picutres, sounds and self talk. Bring back your ideal picture, sounds and self talk of your goal. Allowing your unconscious mind to continue to seek out and focus on your goal. Accelerate it into your life, breathe it in today, for just 3-5 minutes allow your mind to consciously focus on this goal (on the bus, while making a cup of coffee, during lunch time, in your meditation session, during commercials as you sit and watch TV tonight, just before you go to bed) just allow this ideal goal come into your conscious thinking and thought - ensure it's fully focused the ideal situation, the best case senario, exactly how you want it to be, consciously focused on what you want.

"The future depends on what we do in the present."
- Mahatma Gandhi

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