Clint Quits for Life

Clint is no cowboy, he's not even a movie star, he's just like you and me who can do extraordinary things. Clint works in the mining industry and discovered how Hypnosis makes it easy to stop smoking. We asked Clint a number of questions, discover his experience and how he felt about quitting.


Why did you want to stop? "Smoking is taking up a lot of my time,it makes me procrastinate and prevents me from doing what I want."

For how long and how much did you smoke?
  "I've been a social smoker for the past 4 years. I smoke 12 cigarettes a day and 20 a day over the weekends."

What was the Hypnosis sessions like? "They were interesting, comfortable and exciting as they involved a method of achievement that I was unfamiliar with. They gave me the motivation or reason to take the first step of taking back control
of my life."

The Next Day after the session Clint said... "I've noticed that my energy levels have increased immediately, I even went for a walk after work today !!" 

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Have you experienced any feelings of anxiety,irritability, frustration or depression?
"I'm feeling brilliant. There have been no negative emotional experiences. Unlike the past, when trying to stop cold turkey drove me back to the comfort of smoking!!!!!!!!"


Have you had any cigarettes? 

Have you had any cravings?  "I'd rather call them controlled thoughts, not cravings."


How are you feeling now? Clint said.... "I'm feeling incredible."

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