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"Smoking was a constant affliction. All of my waking momemnts were dedicated to the habit. I had to find a way to stop that. The hypnosis was confusing at first and a little disorientating. But Honestly I found it incredibly easy. The only shame is that I didn't make the commit to stop it 20 years earlier" Justin,  Bondi

"I'm Very surprised, quitting smoking is easy. I considered myself having no will power however here I am a non-smoker. The biggest surprise is how easy it was. As a non-smoker I’m feeling Fantastic. Never short of breath, sense of smell and taste have returned. Amazing." Steven, Sydney

You’ll be amazed at how easy it could be for you to stop through hypnosis.
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Smoking FACTS:

Men and Smoking - Stop Now - Smoking squashes your SEXUAL performance and can create some challenging mental health issues. 

Women and Smoking - Stop Now as it only increases WRINKLES and greys your skin. Along with the numerous health issues. 

Kids and Smoking - Stop Now as it impacts your CHILDREN's own strategies for dealing with stress, breaking bad habits and looking after their health.

Pregnancy and Smoking - Stop Now because it REDUCES your chances to have a family and effects the health of your unborn baby.

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