Why Not Stop Now?


Within 2 hours...

after stopping, nicotine begins to clear out from your system.

Within 6-12 hours...

your heart rate will slow down and your blood pressure will drop slightly and your oxygen levels will improve.

Within 1 to 2 days...

carbon monoxide and nicotine are mostly cleared from your body. Your lungs will function better and your endurance will improve. As well as your sense of taste and smell.

Men and Smoking

EDmenSex – The undisclosed side effect Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is increasing as a recognised medical problem.

ED is mainly caused by blood flow problems within the penis itself. ED is found more commonly in men who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes. Excessive alcohol intake and smoking also contribute.

NLP Practicum

20 Aug 2007 - 6:30pm
20 Aug 2007 - 10:00pm

FocusNLP Practicum

Practical Applications of the theory, methods, skills, professional orientations and ethics.
Practise and experiment with other students of NLP in a safe and fun environment. Receive Fantastic feedback and gain New insights and ideas. Discuss your challenges as you review NLP techniques.


NLP Practitioners !!




Congratulations International NLP Practitioners !!


Thanks for your enthusiasm and attention to detail ! I look forward to hearing more what's different...


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The 2 most Powerful Words


Two of the most powerful words in the world.


I am...

Now what you choose to put after these two words determines your very future, your beliefs and your personal success or failure.


Consider it for just 30 seconds, if I was to ask you to now write a list of what you are, how would you describe yourself and how does this choice of words reflect today what's going on in your own life.  


Where did that come from?

Language surely can be a weird and wonderful thing ! 

From Life in England in the 1500's you'll find some of the words and sayings you may be using today and yet never really understood or knew where they came from?

NLP in Business

I've been on the look out for some great books in regards to NLP and business and have come accross the following books to check out.


Let me know what your thoughts are on these...


  • The Unfair Advantage - Sell with NLP by Duane Lakin
  • Develop Your NLP Skills (3rd edition) by Andrew Bradbury
  • NLP At Work by Sue Knight
  • Influencing With Integrity by Genie Z. Laborde



Free Meditation

10 Sep 2007 - 6:30am
10 Sep 2007 - 7:15am

Deep and Full Breathing is the single most energizing exercise you can do.

Monday Morning at 6.30am - 7.15am on 10th September 2007

Eternal Spring Temple, Wuhan China

Meditation is powerful experience, when practised daily. The
impact and effect of meditation is well known in both medical and
spiritual fields as having a profound effect on the body.

Why Do an NLP Training

Change your Career or Strengthen your Business

Expertise in communication can make a real Impact. If you want to make a difference in the way you interact and if you want to enhance your professional skills, then this training will provide you with the new tools, knowledge and strategies that will add value not only your own professional development but you will find that you will gain a lot of personal insights and new resources for your personal achievements and goals too in a practical way.


Spark your inner-most passion and desires

When your relationship is more like Ships Passing in the Night and Your partner does not acknowledge what you do, is no longer engaged in your relationship and is in emotional locked down.
Marriage Counselling

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