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18 Jun 2013 - 10:00am
24 Jun 2013 - 6:00pm

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become." ~ The Buddha

I'm sure you would agree that Communication is key to all relationships It is essential for successful Business; as it is with your Partner, Family and friends as well as your own self-talk. How you communicate (words, body language, self beliefs) can make a profound difference in your results.


The How To of Meditation

The key to a successful meditation session is firstly you're decision to make the time and Secondly to make the commitment to yourself. Take the time to train your mind (just like you schedule in and take time at the gym to train your physical body) make the decision to practise training your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

What about the Kids?!

Children sign


Children are less likely to smoke if their parents do not smoke. Every year in Australia 70,000 teenagers become regular smokers. The younger the children are when they start smoking, the more likely they are to die of a smoking-related disease.

Smoking Pregnancy

The Effects of Smoking on Babies"The detrimental effects of smoking on fertility, pregnancy complications and birth is a major public health concern. Smoking during pregnancy increases risks for the woman and her baby."


Myth: Only women need to worry about smoking and pregnancy.

Fact: It takes two sexually healthy people to make a baby.


Why Not Stop Now?


Within 2 hours...

after stopping, nicotine begins to clear out from your system.

Within 6-12 hours...

your heart rate will slow down and your blood pressure will drop slightly and your oxygen levels will improve.

Within 1 to 2 days...

carbon monoxide and nicotine are mostly cleared from your body. Your lungs will function better and your endurance will improve. As well as your sense of taste and smell.

Men and Smoking

EDmenSex – The undisclosed side effect Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is increasing as a recognised medical problem.

ED is mainly caused by blood flow problems within the penis itself. ED is found more commonly in men who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes. Excessive alcohol intake and smoking also contribute.

Smoking Must Read

It’s Time to … BUTT OUT

Cigarettes are made by large and powerful companies that have gone to great lengths to protect their business interests, and have given the introduction of responsible health policy a measure of difficulty unparalleled in the history of public health.

Tobacco smoking is the single largest cause of preventable death and disease in Australia with over 19,000 tobacco related deaths per year. (source: Miller M & Draper G 2001 Statistics on drug use in Australia 2000.)


Why Do an NLP Training

Change your Career or Strengthen your Business

Expertise in communication can make a real Impact. If you want to make a difference in the way you interact and if you want to enhance your professional skills, then this training will provide you with the new tools, knowledge and strategies that will add value not only your own professional development but you will find that you will gain a lot of personal insights and new resources for your personal achievements and goals too in a practical way.


Spark your inner-most passion and desires

When your relationship is more like Ships Passing in the Night and Your partner does not acknowledge what you do, is no longer engaged in your relationship and is in emotional locked down.
Marriage Counselling

Family Relationships

When your have a house but not a home

FamilyThe word Family means to many things people...to different people.


It may be your
Blood Relatives (both living and those in spirit)
Close Friends (here and overseas)
Community (where you live and participate in) 


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