Intimate Relationships - Part 2

How do you create Security and Safety in Your Relationship?

Do you know what makes you feel safe and secure in your relationship? And have you ever discussed this with your partner? or do you assume to know what makes them feel secure?

Intimate Relationship - what's the secret? Part 1

Is there a secret to creating a strong relationship?

and if there was.... would you listen?

Have you ever wondered, What make a relationship work?   There are so many theories and ideas about how to create a loving and strong relationship, I'm sure you have your own opinions and persectives about what it takes to be a happy couple. 


Spark your inner-most passion and desires

When your relationship is more like Ships Passing in the Night and Your partner does not acknowledge what you do, is no longer engaged in your relationship and is in emotional locked down.
Marriage Counselling

Family Relationships

When your have a house but not a home

FamilyThe word Family means to many things different people.


It may be your
Blood Relatives (both living and those in spirit)
Close Friends (here and overseas)
Community (where you live and participate in) 


Relationship Challenges

There's no secret that relationships can be challenging...


And sometimes relationships ares a lot of hard work ! It can
be uncomfortable as your partner habits and behaviours change, yet life is full
of change and your ability to invest time and energy into your relationships,
your ability to consistently to develop and nuture them... can will bring you
the richest rewards and greatest blooms and highlights in your life.


You can Transform your relationships and change for the

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