Time Line Therapy™ - Practitioner Certification

Course: 2 full daysTime tunnel

Pre-requisite: NLP Practitioner Certification


If you’re working with people on a regular basis and you want a
powerful and effective tool to help with negative feelings or limiting
beliefs. A fast technique that can assist in positive and effective change. Then this 2.5 day training is a MUST DO, the experience in and of itself will be one you'll be sure to remember.

During this training you will learn how to:

  • Elicit your client's time line
  • Let go of Negative emotions using 2 seperate techniques
  • How to deal with trauma
  • Fast phobia model
  • Anxiety
  • Putting goals into the future


Time Line Therapyis based on the theory that all learning, behaviour and change is done on the unconscious level.
To assist your clients in making significant change in a very short period of time is easily acheivable with this training. You'll be pleased to have it as a technique for yourself and your clients.


The Skills You Learn Will Be with You for Life

If you have every over reacted to a situation, then you’ll understand the frustration and concern of your own behaviour.


Constantly feeling frustrated, depressed, fearful or anxious is not the way you want to live your life. Your success in life it not about what happens to you, but more importantly how do you choose to react to it. This is what truly determines a fulfilled happy existence.


Negative Emotions have a profound effect on our health and general quality of life. With Time Line Therapy there is now a safe and proven technique that can make a difference, eliminating negative emotions and limiting beliefs.


According to Christine Sutherland, NLP and Time Line Therapy expert: “Our experience of time has a structure which can be investigated and modified. When we modify the structure of an event in time, we intrinsically alter the meaning of the event so that it cannot impact on us negatively”.



Time Line LogoThis is an internationally accredited training and conforms to the standards and regulations of the Time Line Therapy™ Association.


Join the thousands of other pracitioners and professionals who are getting phenominal results when assisting clients with emotional challenges. Become an International Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner.


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