NLP Master Prac Certification

MASTER Your Skills, Knowledge and Ability

Have Fun while you Master the Art of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis, a quietly powerful combination.


Master Practitioner


Discover and utilise the more advanced techniques of these advanced modalities and become a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis.

Master your knowledge and skill; accelerate your effectiveness with others. Enhance your personal potential and expertise from a different perspective and a higher level of thinking.


This training you will be closely supervised, it is highly interactive and you will receive invaluable feedback to advance your own skill and ability.Gain a personal transformation from a deeper level and inspire those around you.

The key benefits of this training includes:

  • Deliver Powerful Negotiation Expertise
  • Experience a Valuable Profiling techniques
  • Impact your success with superior skills of Modelling
  • Utilise advanced levels of Meta programs
  • Make an impact with Quantum Linguistics
  • Learn deliberate multi level communication skills
  • Develop your Hypnotic ability, wisdom and experience
  • Master the more advanced techniques of Time Line Therapy

It's all about performing at your peak consistently and taking your skills and learning to the next level in order to increase your results and further experiment with the techniques you use.
Wouldn't you want to boost and accelerate your own personal development?


Imagine focusing not just on your results and personal development but also learning more advanced ways to gain greater success and learn how else you can apply the information and techniques (with self, others and groups). This certification builds further on what you already know and allows you the opportunity to master your knowledge, skill and personal technique from a higher level of thinking.


Your Master Practitioner certification is an Internationally Recognised Certification.
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