NLP Practitioner Certification

Practitioner 2006

There are many practical applications of Neuro Linguistic
Programming which you will find you can apply in your life.
The theory and tools you learn will give you more opportunities to formulate and create new ideas and more resourceful ways of thinking and doing things differently. You may even exceed your own self expectations (and the expectations of others).

  • Procrastination can seriously limit your success and self satisfaction, BUT imagine if you could complete those long overdue unfinished projects - How good would that make you feel?.
  • Have you ever wondered.. What language creates the best impact on others? What if you could influence a positive outcome in an important negotiation?
  • Do you want to Create a Million dollar mindset for business?
  • Or perhaps change a nasty habit or behaviour? (and help others too: stop smoking, stop nail biting, get over a fear or phobia)
  • How about learning how to Resolve Conflict in your relationship? Or discover more innovative ways of behaviour and re-structure your thinking and negative self talk.
  • What if you could accelerate your ability to learn?
  • AND Enhance your memory.

    Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of excellence. With some of the most advanced communication techniques to accelerate changes in our behaviours , our thinking, our habits and our strategies.

    Neuro Linguistic Programming has worldwide recognition in the fields of professional and personsal development. The skills, processes and knowledge are  play an influential part of Business Trainings, Seminars and Personal Development in all types of education today. 


    You'll soon discover that an NLP training is unique and it will go well beyond just another certification or workshop you may have experienced in the past. By immediately applying these simple techniques, you'll see that you can transform the way in which you choose not only think but more importantly your behaviour and how you choose to live.


    Get Motivated2Exceptional Communication Skills - Influence with integrity by Skillfully structuring your language. (presuppositions, internal representational systems)

    Learn to listen with your eyes, (the skills of sensory acuity) - be acutely aware how your idea or message is coming across and if it has the impact you want.

    Have Flexibility for change, do it easily in how you communicate and your own behaviours. (Strategies, metaphors, submodalities)

    Create instant rapport, project trust and confidence with anyone (matching, mirroring, mismatchers and cross over mirroring)

    Discover what’s real meaning behind the words people use. Find the right questions to use for each situation.

    Coach people in finding the most effective solutions and answers to their challenges. (using meta model, metaphors, milton model)

    Harness Powerful and Positive Emotions (anchoring)

    Discover your personal strategies for success. (motivational strategies, resource anchors, 5 key steps to acheiving outcomes)

    Learn how to assist others in overcoming trauma, phobia's or how to accelerate their ability to make decisions. (eye patterns, decision making strategies, collapse anchors)

    and there's so much more...

    "Everything you learn can be immediately applied."

    Throughout this exciting 7 days you'll have the
    opportunity to explore each of the techniques and concepts with
    exercises, discussions and gain new knowledge in making fast change.

    Together we'll assist you in gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of yourself and your own abilities. Through this hands on experience, you’ll learn how you can apply and grow your professional skills impacting on your business, relationships along with your approach and attitude to your personal health and fitness.

    Learn how to consistently Perform at your peak

    There is only so much you can learn through books and CD's, the greater lessons come from the experience of doing the processes and discussions on how to excel your own techniques and abilities.

    Find Out HOW this training works

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