What's Behind the Words

We speak at approximately 300 words a minute. But when we stop talking, we don’t stop communicating.

This highly interactive one day workshop is a golden opportunity to learn about the unspoken language behind your words.

NLP What's Behind the Words

Have you ever wondered…

• How do other people see you?

• What does your body language really say about you?

• Why don’t people listen to you?

• How can you get your message across easily?

• If you create stronger trust and respect in your relationships, what could change?

..........And how do you spot a liar?

Change the way you live your life by exploring deeper your own inner thoughts, images and language.  Create valuable relationships with everyone you meet and know.


Build on your own personal and professional development by understanding more about the power of your words and the perception of your body language.


What’s in it for you?

This one day workshop is aimed at people willing to explore themsevles through high level thought provoking exercises of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). If you are interesting in knowing how to evolve your interpersonal relationships and uncover what else is possible by:

• Being a witness to your own way of thinking and listening to your body.

• Learning how to Observe the unconscious Body Language and signs of acceptance or rejection.

Discover how to listen with your Eyes.

• Create warm and trusting connections easily in your family, with your friends and business relationships.

• Enhance the Power of words and with your voice.

• Take Control of your own Self Talk and change your negative thinking

• Understand the influence you have unconsciously in the way you communicate.

• Discover what is your preferred communication style and how you are perceived by others and what you can do to change or improve it further.

Australian Board of NLP

All NLP one-day workshops entail important networking elements, giving you the opportunity to meet with like minded people who, like you, are keen to expand on their own knowledge and personal development.

This workshop contains two modules of Octavian’s International NLP Practitioner Certificate. On completion of this course you will receive a certificate. Octavian NLP trainings are approved by the Australian Board of NLP.


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