What is NLP?

There are many different definitions of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Simply put... it’s a study of excellence and then the replication of that excellence into application.



refers to our mind and our nervous system


refers to the language we use (both verbal and non verbal)


refers to what we have learnt throughout our lives including our beliefs and core values. This programming influences our choices, behaviours and emotional reactions we have today.

NLP looks at the Mechanics of your Thinking with attitude of Curiosity of what else is possible for you.

NLP consists of advanced tools you can use to consciously. NLP is popular not only from a theraeuptic or self development perspective, it is also commonly used in business. Paying close attention to how your words, your thoughts and even the pictures you hold in your head can effect and influence your behaviour, reactions, moods and the direction you choose to take. NLP is a simple and yet very powerful modality - where sometimes the smallest of change can make the biggest impact.

One of the philosophy of NLP is that your "words do not describe the world you live in, they determine the world you live in"

One could say that NLP is about your experience, with the understanding that we basically live according to “programs” running in our brains. Most of the time these programs operate unconsciously. In other words, you’re not aware that you choose them. For instance, you don’t need to choose to be hungry, or choose to feel embarrassed when infront of a large crowd, it's not something that you consciously choose to do or feel, it just happens, right, you don't feel like you have much control over it.

NLP is a tool you can use to consciously choose which programs run in your brain at any given time.

How? By taking control of you thoughts and feelings, you can change your results?

Sounds too easy right – what if it was?

Where Did NLP Come From?

Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the mid 1970's worked together and developed what we know today as NLP. It began as a model of how we communicate to others and ourselves. They modelled people like Fritz Pearls, Virginia Satire and Milton Ericson along with other experts in their field who were well known for getting results. NLP has continued to expand further with research and new
insights and influences of other experts, evolving it into the powerful tool it is today.

How Do I learn more about NLP?

While you can read about NLP and it's techniques the most important learnings is based on your experience of using these tools, which is why they say therefore it cannot be taught but applied.Master Practitioner 2006There are a number of different NLP workshop, Trainings and Focus Groups you can participate in.  You are welcome to contact Deborah directly for a list of recommended books and articles to read as well as more information NLP trainings, events and workshops available to you. Contact Deborah

“This has been a fantastic week and I feel it has really given me the tools to confidently change my life to the way I want it. It has introduced me to new dimensions of myself that I didn’t know were there before and has given me a depth of control over my life that I didn’t know I had.” Vanessa Forbes Sydney,Australia 

Who Should Attend an NLP training or workshop?

We welcome anyone who is curious about creating change and making a difference in their lives as well as in the lives of others.  We have a variety of people who attend including Students, Doctors, Psychologist, Managers, Parents, Counsellors as well as individuals who want to be a positive influence, make changes and have more control of their own thoughts, emotions and behaviours creating the lifestyle and attitude and approach to getting value and a clear direction in life.

We recieve great feedback from our participants who advise they gained great value and new skills from our events and find it easy to implement the theories and techniques into their everyday lives.

“I really find it (NLP) valuable and I can see the difference it has made to me today. I have really become aware of many of my limitations which earlier I was not. It was like an eye opener in many regards.

What specifically impressed me is that it provided me an opportunity to thoroughly introspect myself and diagnose the core of my problem. I find it somewhere in my listening. I am a poor listener and that cause all sort of problem with me whether in my studies or in my job or in relationship.

Now I also know that communication is all about getting the response. I also like the strategy of Focus & Congruence… if I was listening!! The art of taking deep dive into my unconsciousness is something I would really love to learn more about now.”
Amit Kumar Sharmra
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