Women and Smoking

The Myth: If I quit smoking I'll put on weight.

The Fact: You can quit and still be your ideal weight.

It is the unfortunate fear of gaining weight that can sometimes be enough to keep some smokers from quitting, even though there is no doubt that smoking is far more damaging than any weight gain. Approximately half of all quitters gain
less than two kilograms
and many do not put on any weight at all! Take advantage of improved endurance and breathing, which comes with quitting smoking, and exercise! Exercise boosts your metabolism and is the best way to keep fit and maintain a healthy body weight.


You’ll be amazed at how easy it could be for you to stop through hypnosis.
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Seriously Stop Smoking

Women at more risk than men

Smoking = Less Life

In one year alone 1,800 females in NSW died of diseases caused by smoking; 486 deaths from lung cancer and 397 deaths from heart disease(1994/95). In the same period 15,650 hospital bed days were attributable to female smoking in NSW (excluding passive smoking).


Between the mid 1970’s and 1996, lung cancer incidence rates doubled in women and fell by 18% in men.Over the same period deaths from lung cancer rose by 94% in women and fell by 23% in men. (source: Coates M and Armstrong B. Cancer in New South Wales Incidence and Mortality 1996)

Need another good reason to quit right now?

· Women smokers are likely to experience more facial wrinkling than are non-smokers.


· Cataract age-related macular degeneration, peptic ulcers and have increased risk for crohns disease and poorer prognosis once diagnosed.


· Smoking contributes to osteoporosis and women smokers have an increased risk for hip fracture.


· Sex-specific cancers, such as cervicaland vulvar cancer.


· Cancer of the oral cavity, oesophagus, larynx, bladder, kidney, stomach, pancreas, liver, anus and blood.


· Greater risk of developing chronic lung diseases such as emphysema. These disease lead to progressive loss of lung function making it harder to breath.


· Cardiovascular disease. Coronary heart disease and stroke for women who smoke and use oral contraceptives.


· Health problems relating to menstrual function, reproductive outcomes and menopause. Women smokers are more likely to experience reduced fertility and delays in conceiving.


· Difficulties during pregnancy and childbirth,miscarriage and premature birth. There are also greater risks of low birth weight infants, still birth and neonatal death,and sudden infant death syndrome.


· Women smokers are less likely to breastfeed.If they do, they tend to produce less breast milk and are more likely to wean their babies earlier. Smoking affects the breast milk, exposing infants to nicotine as well as altering the flavour of the milk.


· Sexual drive and libido. It is now thought that blood flow to the female genitals may also be affected. Thus older women with sexual arousal problems may not have a hormone deficit but rather an effect from smoking.



“The believing we do something, when we do nothing, is the first illusion of tobacco.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson, Journals, 1859



You’ll be amazed at how easy it could be for you to stop through hypnosis.
Call right now (02)9389 7687 or register Your Interest if your serious about stopping


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