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You can change your behaviours, phobias, negative thinking and self sabotaging beliefs - EASILY

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is considered to be one of the Essential ingredients for improving your quality of living.  With NLP skills you can learn how to easily unlock your higher cognitive process - including your language, learning, memory, thinking and emotional intelligence.


Refocus and discover a number of fast powerful and highly effective tools to change what's not working in your life.

Learn practical applications and find here helpful resources using the proven modalities of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™.

All of our Professional trainings and Personal Coaching sessions dynamically build on strategies that work and change those that don't. We are dedicated and passionate about Expanding your thinking and assisting you to Create the balance and lifestyle you want.


Hypnosis is a highly effective way in which you can work with your unconsicous mind to: Quit Smoking; manage stress; accelerating learning; enhance your memory; boost your confidence; Enhance your health and fitness; release pain; enjoy an easy child birth; increase your fertility and a lot more...Read more about what is hypnosis...

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Self SabotageHow is negative thinking and stress impacting on the quality of your life?

Is your negative thinking preventing you from living the way you want?

Do you lack motivation?

Self-sabotaging behaviours can be highly destructive

Avoid the mistake of asking the question WHY

discover instead WHAT you can do to change.

Whilst NLP can help you to shift your negative thinking and habits it is also important to explore the cause and your Emotional Intelligence. The ability to recongise your own negative reactions, self-talk and emotions is the first step of creating change. Having the willingness to make the change is the 2nd step. Being clear on how you want to be or how your life will look with the changes is the 3rd step. Then learning how to get there is something we will do together, dependant on your own personal circumstances we can discuss the tools and strategies that will best suit you. You can then choose the option which you feel most comfortable with. Learning how to manage and deal with any of your emotional or mental challenges will allow you to perform at your peak in any situation and be of tremendous influence to those around you.  You could be suprised as to how easily you can let go of your: anger, guilt, fear, and frustration as well as any inappropriate beliefs hold you back from being who you want to be.  You can change the way you think about yourself and your life.Read more about Time Line Therapy™  

We invite you to Explore your own abilities...Watch out !! You may find some unexpected surprises, within.

“Generate Powerful changes in your life – for life.” Deborah Edwards

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The power in your words

WOW!  The Stories we tell ourselves…is it any wonder that we feel the way we do.

One of the founding ideas of Neuro Linguisitic Programing (NLP) is listening to the words people use to describe their challenges and strengths.

“The words you use do not describe the world you live in, they determine the world you live in”

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Let's talk about the stages of grieving. There are 5 stages in the grieving process. According to Dr. Elizabeth Kuebler Ross who was a guru on the topic of grieving the 5 stages are



An ancient practice for the modern world

Qigong (Chi-Kung) and the understanding of Qi (Chi) is one of the great treasures of Chinese culture.   It has emerged over thousands of years from constant research, development and practice. From ancient times to the modern world, we as human beings are on a continuous journey of self-enquiry to discover our true identity and purpose in life.


Steven Stopped Successfully

He had been Smoking for 18 years up to (10-15 a day)
He had 2 hypnosis sessions in total. We asked Steven...

Clint Quits for Life

Clint is no cowboy, he's not even a movie star, he's just like you and me who can do extraordinary things. Clint works in the mining industry and discovered how Hypnosis makes it easy to stop smoking. We asked Clint a number of questions, discover his experience and how he felt about quitting.